We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to progress their career to the top. As a successful growing business for those that do well, becoming a Director and Share Holder is within reach. With the right business case, career progression can lead to running teams or working as a Business Development Manager/Director anywhere in the world. Everyone’s career path can lead to Managing Director.

Other people do jobs, we improve lives. We make the extraordinary ordinary helping people organise their new lives in dream locations. But don’t take our word for it, look at these examples of people that we’ve helped:

Leah, Filipino CA to Isle of Man

“Abigail was really nice to me throughout the process, she really listened to what I wanted.”

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Aisling, Irish CA moved to Australia

“It was great having someone there to help you out with everything through the process. There is always someone there to hold your hand!”

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Leroi, South African CA moved to UAE

“Think Global Recruitment has a network of contacts with the best employers, excellent screening and interview preparation and support all the way through the process!”

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Awards & Accreditations

Management Style

Consultative and listening. We appreciate your ideas and if they good they get implemented right away.

share opportunities

We share all the sales leads and jobs with each other and work together to try and make our clients happy. There is no competition between staff other than to be the best.

Training & Development

We believe in continuous training and development for all staff. You can work through Training Certificate Level in Recruitment, Support and Management. Your promotion prospects and earnings potential are down to your ability and hard work rather than how long you been here.

Gain Your Global Experience.

Want to know the business etiquette in Hong Kong?

Have professional relationships in Sydney?

The world can be your office in international recruitment.

In today’s connected world nothing is more important than a global understanding of business practice. Think Global Recruitment will also cover travel as part of your work. In the past year our staff have been to South Africa, Australia, NZ, Dubai, UK, Ireland, Channel Islands and Hong Kong.