Daniel: From Nigeria to Jersey- A Story of Success and New Beginnings

In a recent interview with Daniel, we explored his experience of moving to Jersey and thriving in his new environment. His story is not just about relocation; it’s a demonstration of adaptability, the importance of a welcoming community and opportunities.

Adjusting to Life in Jersey

“How are you enjoying working in Jersey?” We asked. His response was immediate, “The weather is fantastic. It’s 19 degrees right now. Warm feels like being back in Nigeria” The climate was only one aspect of his adjustment; socially, he felt settled. He mentioned feeling more settled and informed now, having made friends both within his workplace and beyond. Social activities helped him fit in, while connections from Nigeria eased the move further.

Finding Accommodation and Settling In

Securing accommodation was swift with the help of friends and agents, and by great support during the initial weeks. His induction, featuring a warm welcome, affirmed his choice to relocate. “They were so excited to have someone from overseas,” Daniel remarked, reflecting the community’s welcoming nature.

Adapting to Work and Culture

Transitioning from Nigeria’s work environment to Jersey’s was seamless, with similarities easing the shift. He found an environment of growth and responsibility, likening it to “working with family.

Challenges and Rewards

To Daniel, challenges were minimal; the process proved straightforward. His experience was punctuated by supportive feedback and the tranquillity of Jersey living. It gives him peace of mind, emphasizing the island’s appeal for work-life balance.

Tips and Advice

For those considering a similar move, he offered practical advice: prioritize organization and embrace the diverse culture. He emphasized the importance of networking and making friends, highlighting the social vibrancy of the island.


He expressed gratitude for the support received from Maxine during the relocation process and the value of ongoing assistance.

Final Thoughts

As our conversation concluded, he left us with a resounding message: trust the process and take the chance. Jersey, with its warm community and scenic beauty, offers not just a job but a lifestyle worth embracing.

His journey from Nigeria to Jersey is a demonstration of the power of new beginnings and the warmth of a welcoming community. If you’re an accountant looking for an experience abroad, we have opportunities waiting for you.  Please reach out to us for assistance in you journey to.  mail@thinkgr.com  +44 (0)131 260 5850.