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There is no time like the present! Seriously, the sooner you start researching the better there is a lot to consider when planning an international career move. Some companies start recruiting eleven months before a start date, so it’s worth speaking to us to ensure you make the most of any upcoming opportunities. Companies will also make offers to Accountants before their training contract has expired, with a start date for after this time.

This varies between different locations. However, whatever happens, you will be paid a fair salary that will allow you to lead a comfortable lifestyle. And, the good news is accountants can afford to be selective about where they live and work. Some locations, such as the Middle East or Africa, may include accommodation and other generous allowances in their salaries. Various locations offer differing tax incentives.

This is a very important question. Firstly, it depends on what your partner does for a living and whether that type of job is available in the location you want to move to. It also depends whether your partner will be able to obtain a work permit/visa to live and work in that location. Accountants are very lucky your profession allows you to work in many diverse locations. You will also need to consider cost of living and schooling if you are planning on moving with children.

It is. There are less positions available out with the accountancy firms, purely because an accountancy firm requires lots of accountants and other companies do not. However, dependent on your experience, it is possible to make your first move into industry or financial services at the recently qualified level or above. Take a look at the vacancy search engine on this site for just some of our current vacancies.

We work with the most prestigious Accountancy, Commerce and Financial Service companies. Our clients include Big Four firms (PwC, Deloitte, KPMG and EY), as well as blue-chip companies such as Goldman Sachs, Coca Cola and Schlumberger. We recruit for a range of positions spanning locations in Australia, New Zealand, Bermuda, the Caribbean, USA, Canada, the UK, Channel Islands, Europe, Middle East, Far East and Africa.

We would be delighted! We have many years of experience liaising with clients and therefore, we know what prospective employers want on resumes. You can use our Information Form to request a sample resumes, which provides suggestions for layout and text. If you are a qualified Accountant or an experienced Finance Professional, we are more than happy to review your resume and provide constructive suggestions for improvement.

Always. Whenever anyone has an interview arranged through us, we provide extensive interview preparation. You can also use our information form to request some interview tips.

Usually your new employer. However, it is likely you will be required to fill in forms and get together a number of documents to accompany the form. Often you will also be required to have a medical examination. Requirements vary between countries.

From most employers, yes. How much is offered will depend on the location you are moving to, but it is common to receive a flight to the location and temporary accommodation for the first few weeks. Again, amounts offered can vary greatly.

Most employers are seeking a commitment of a least two years, in return for carrying out international interviews, relocation costs, organising visas, training and induction and more. Two years can sound like a lot, especially if you’re coming out of a third year training contract. However, our research shows that 83% of those who work abroad for an initial two years, actually end up staying longer. After the first year, you have just found your feet, made friends, located the best pubs and restaurants and become a key player in the local sports team, you may as well stay and enjoy this now you are settled in! Contracts usually vary from two years to permanent offers.

Some locations offer tax-free salaries or low tax. However, these locations also offer a lot of distractions to spend your money on, such as sports, proximity to visit other locations on a regular basis, pub culture etc. Also, some locations are more expensive to live in than others.

In short, it depends on where you are moving from if you will be better off. We will always tell you the salary package on offer and cost of living including rent, tax, meal out etc, so you can compare the cost of living. Although the majority of Accountants we assist move primarily for an improved lifestyle, a recent survey revealed 70 per cent were financially better off as well.

Click here to submit your details. Alternatively, go to our Contact Us page and email us. We visit many locations to carry out one to one meetings, so it doesn’t matter where in the world you are located.

Contact us! We have years of experience and expertise in placing accountants overseas. It is important that you work with a specialist if you are going to be making such a big move. We can help you work out the most appropriate locations for your requirements, provide a selection of vacancies and network of employers interested in someone with your skills and importantly, we will assist you throughout the interview process.