Want to find the best talent within a country?

We can organise your trip.

Sort your recruitment needs in a just few days by opting for an International Interview Campaign. Benefit from our experience in running these specialist recruitment events around the world and find the best talent to join your organisation in the shortest space of time.

If you have any further questions about this type of event then please contact us here. 

We can assist in organising a trip to a country of your choice.

Being a specialist recruiter, large organisations often request for us to visit locations across the globe to organise a series of first-round interviews.  These one-to-ones are an incredible opportunity to meet face to face with talented accountants who are wanting to make a move abroad.

What we provide:

-Promote the event and use our specialist database and networks to find the best talent within a particular country
-Pre-screen accountants that fit your requirements and ensure they are motivated to make a move
-Set up an interview schedule and manage communications between attendees
-Supply a consultant to coordinate the event and take feedback