When in Rome…

I am off to one of my favourite European cities today.. Rome. What a lovely city. The buildings, the history, the people, the food, the drink… I can not think of anywhere better to spend the weekend. There is also the weather. As its been getting colder and colder here in the UK, going into minus figures in Scotland, I am looking forward to 18 degrees in lovely Rome.

As you may tell from lack of blog updates, its been a busy few weeks leading up to this break. The international accountancy job market has gone mad. Heaps of new vacancies coming through from all corners of the world. Australia, New Zealand, Far East, Middle East, Bermuda, Caribbean, Europe… you name it we have roles there! Now all we need is to find qualified accountants with the right experience to fit each role.

Post recession companies are still being very choosey regarding the experience, qualifications and personalities they are recruiting. There is certainly competition for the Hot Roles. However, I am told by the accountants we work with that we give the very best interview preparation they have ever received, thus giving them an edge over other applicants. The statistics seem to back this up, showing our applicants are more likely to secure a role than any other. We truly believe time invested in this area pays off. After all, all we want to do is Improve Lives….

Here’s a question… How long do you spend preparing for
an interview?

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