What do international employers look for in Millennial Accountants?

Our Managing Director, Abigail Stevens, has just returned from a business trip spanning across the globe, finding out what some of the biggest international employers are looking for in Millennial accountants.  


With so many studies carried out on Millenials in the workplace it becomes easy to get lost in the information and miss out on a crucial point – what their bosses want! KPMG’s recent survey of business students in 23 countries revealed that 80% anticipated working in 3-6 countries during their career. As Managing Director of an international recruitment agency, I thought I’d assist this generation of expectant travelers by sharing my knowledge of the key issues that stand out for international employers.



I have just got back from a 7 week business trip that has spanned across three continents with meetings in London, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. In each of these destinations I’ve been able to discuss the international job market with some of the biggest global accountancy, financial services and industry and commerce organisations. A number of those I met were accountants that we have assisted over the years who have now become Partners, Senior Management and Directors in their organisations, their stories feature regularly on this blog.


So what were the key features that stood out for international employerslooking at the millennial job market?

They don’t just want number crunchers. They want applicants that look for solutions and that are able to see beyond numbers to work out how to address the potential risks and increase the commercial opportunities.

Desirable experience

In addition to external audit, data analytics and cyber security experience are becoming quite valuable. Experience in forensic accounting, risk, IT audit and internal audit are also popular with employers.


The ability to build rapport
The accounting industry is becoming more and more service driven, the ability to build rapport with clients is now seen as an essential skill. This is also reflected in internal accounting roles where interaction with other areas of the business is important.


Chartered Accountant Qualifications
Qualifications from one of the reciprocal Chartered Accountancy bodies in Scotland, IrelandSouth Africa, Canada, England & Wales or Australia & New Zealand remain
the most highly sought after.
 Current state of the Global Market London

The market has become quite saturated with accountants with fiercely increased competition.


Australia & New Zealand

Markets in Australia and New Zealand are starting to open up again after being hit late on by the global recession. Firms are still unsurprisingly cautious, but there was a lot of positive signs and there are big improvements expected this year.


Hong Kong
Hong Kong is seeking more accountants with a technical background or Mandarin speakers due to its close ties with China.

Dubai currently has a real push on hiring European accountants to diversify their workforce.


So what to do with this information?

It would be wise to find out what your options are and explore the current international opportunities available to you. It’s only then that you can make an informed choice on your future. Our services are free for accountants to use and enable you to get ahead of the curve by kick-starting your international career.

Abigail Stevens has been in the recruitment industry for twenty years. She founded Think Global Recruitment sixteen years ago which has since become one of the longest running international accountancy recruitment companies.


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