Well Done You Made It!! Now Collect Your Ticket…

The day is finally here, all that hard work and the long hours

waiting in anticipation are over. The FAE results have been published! A massive well done to all of those who have passed. You should be incredibly proud of yourselves – we’re not accountants but we know it was hard. Once the celebrations are over (have a drink or two for us please) you will probably being thinking ‘what next?’…

We have said it many times before and will continue to declare for many years to come – your CA qualification is like a ticket to the rest of the world. You can move virtually anywhere and many accountants do.

Last week we visited Dublin to present and meet with over 50 trainee and recently qualified CAs. It was just phenomenal to be around so many young professionals who are considering an international move. Some of whom, had already gone ahead and got their visas for their chosen destination and some who were open to anything but seeking guidance. It really was a fantastic atmosphere. We

carried out our Worldwide Opportunities presentation which briefly covers nearly every location across the globe (if only there was time to detail each individual place – we’d be old and grey by the time we finish!) and everyone was so enthusiastic to learn.

We told them about the accountants that we have already assisted in their move to the stunning beaches of Bermuda and the opulent countries of the Middle East. We told them about the serene temples and rich culture of Thailand and the thriving business and financial centre in Singapore. Also, Canada – home to spectacular natural scenery and a bustling metropolitan core. And the Czech Republic, known for it’s night-life and growing economy. Name a country and I bet we’ve assisted a CA in moving there. If we haven’t… Well, we probably have.
What country takes your fancy? Many accountants that we talk to take on a two year contract so that they can experience another country and culture. This is more than travelling, it’s living and working. And not only is it one of the most life changing experiences that you will probably ever have, it is incredible experience to have on your CV. It proves that you are independent and willing to do anything for your career, it makes you stand out from other people interviewing for jobs and on top of all of that, the exposure you will gain is second to none.
If you don’t believe us about how you can Improve your Live by living and working overseas, here are a few quotes from Irish Chartered Accountants who took their qualifications to the other side of the world…
Emmet – NYC – Audit Associate to Partner in 10 years
‘To get to where I am in my career… Being a part owner of one of the largest professional services in the world… There is no way this would have happened back in Dublin. I arrived in New York with only my bag; I now have a wife, five kids and a lovely house in the suburbs with a pool. I am living the dream. That isn’t to say it was easy though, I had to put a lot of work in to get where I am but if you can work hard, you will get the rewards.’
‘The career acceleration in New York is second to none. The opportunities are endless and every day is an adventure. With my firm I have visited the likes of, Brazil, Japan, Europe, Singapore, all over the world’
‘I would do the experience all over again and recommend it to anyone. You learn nothing from being inside your comfort zone. You need to get out, test your resilience and build the skills and experience that you need to advance in your career.’
‘By embracing this experience you will be giving yourself huge development opportunities, you really are elevating the ceiling on your career. There will be huge development opportunities if you choose to take this route and work hard with your career’.
Aisling – Hobart, Down Under – Audit Senior to Assistant Manager in 8 months
‘It probably took about three months to settle in, we spent a lot of time going on trips and doing fun things, we kind of felt like we were on holiday for a while’
‘The work life balance is amazing, they love Irish and British people because we work so hard. Their busy season here is just like normal busy back home. If you work until 7 you are generally the last person to leave, they all go home at 5.15pm. It’s appreciated if you stay late, not expected.’
‘I am getting massive exposure to larger clients over here. There’s loads of different offices with a lot of different cultures.’
‘My firm is heavily into investing in people. Training is really important to them. I’m doing a coaching course at the moment where I look at everyone and see how I can help them do better. I think this will look great on my CV. They are really into training and getting you involved.’
‘Just do it! Your won’t regret it.’
Katy – Sydney – Assistant Manager to Manager
‘Yes, I love my job, my place where I live and the weather!!’
‘It shows you are adaptable and makes you very independent and self-relliant.’
Helena – Cayman Islands – Audit Senior to Manager
‘Having international experience on your CV is viewed positively by future prospective employers… The proximity of the Cayman Islands to the United States and South America is ideal for additional travel.’
‘I love the Cayman Islands, it’s so beautiful. I expected George Town to be bigger and more developed but I now like its quaint charm. The beaches are postcard perfect and I love the outdoor activities. I am currently learning to sail and I love it!’
‘I have met so many amazing people from all over the world. I sit next to a guy from Zimbabwe and we have become the best of friends. An unlikely pair but a friend for life.’
‘I feel a great sense of achievement for moving here alone and making a success of it, it’s scary as well as exciting but more than worth the risk.’
‘My work day flies because I am so happy.’
‘If you are thinking about it, stop thinking about it and just do it! You will never look back. For me it’s been and remains to be a very positive move and I love my new life.’
From all at Think Global Recruitment, Congratulations, you made it!!
Now collect your ticket…