The Top 10 Reasons To Move To Australia and New Zealand!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live and work in Australia or New Zealand? Well then see if Think Global Recruitment’s ‘Top 10 Reasons to Move to Australia and New Zealand’ can entice you to consider it as a location!

1. Australia and New Zealand both have a reputation for offering a laid back lifestyle and for perfecting the work-life balance!

2. While Australia is known for its sunny weather and 36,735 km long coastline, New Zealand offers snowy mountain ranges, stunning glaciers and lakes.


3. Both areas have particularly strong economies and low unemployment rates (around 5%), meaning that opportunities for skilled and talented accountants are boundless.


 4. New Zealand and Australia enjoy close proximity to the Pacific Islands, Fiji and Samoa, so it’s great for further travel!

5. Australians and Kiwis are renowned for being some of the world’s friendliest people!

6. Compared to the UK’s dull and wet winters, Australia and New Zealand both enjoy a much warmer climate, with temperatures only falling to 8 C. Living in this part of the world also means you can spend your Christmases in the sun!

7. The better weather and scenery means that an outdoor lifestyle is popular. You can take part in activities such as surfing, kayaking, bungee jumping and more…

8. Australia has over 500 national parks home to wallabies, wombats and koalas and New Zealand is home to a collection of endangered birds that exist nowhere else in the world.



9. Both countries are home to diverse, sophisticated and multicultural societies. For example, Maori tribal traditions are still prevalent in Kiwi culture and in Australia, 25% of people were either born abroad or have parents who were.

10. Relish the chance to be working abroad in a country that offers unique experiences that cannot be found anywhere else!


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