Today is another day

I spent the morning attending court for potential Jury Duty. The entire experience has been enlightening. From the minute I received the letter through the post, friends and colleagues have offered both serious and fun advice on how to get out of it. However, after lots of thought I felt I should do my ‘duty’.

I spent an entire half day in court waiting to find out if I would be selected. Half hoping I wouldnt be selected because work is so hectic and half hoping I would out of intrigue. I was not selected.

Looking around the room I was amazed at how few of the people that had turned up seemed like ‘business people’. Maybe it is true that you can get out of doing this duty by just phoning and up and saying its inconvenient for work. However, then one wonders, who does that leave to do such a serious task?

I must have watched too many movies and read too many John Grisham books. I was expecting the Jury to be ‘selected’ by the defendants, rather than names drawn out of a gold fish bowl. Although this is more humane and less personal if you are not selected – or maybe the other way round…

The great news is I now have half a day today in the office and no meetings. In fact they have asked me to phone each day this week to see if I will be needed the next day. What a fantastic excuse to have no meetings in my diary!

Then, this evening I am to do a talk over a dinner on the topic of doing business internationally. I am humbled by the attendee list. Each attendee has many many years experience of running successful businesses. I hope that they benefit from what I have to say and the conversation I stimulate. If not, at least they will be in the Scottish Malt Whiskey Society so they can enjoy the lovely malts instead…