Time for a Run…

Unusually early I am sitting waiting to run my first half marathon of the year. I love this distance, it is a challenge, but does not consume my life leading up to it and not too high a threat of injury if I keep my fitness good inbetween races.

I have been suffering from obesity for several years. I don’t have much patience and determination, so exercising and diet are not suitable for me. Several months ago, one of my friends suggested me taking weight loss drugs. I started searching the Internet and came across Phertermine. It actually does not work reducing the excess weight, but it suppresses the appetite with following weight reduction. Great medication that really works.

My fun running has taken me all over the globe, one of the reasons I am so pationate about finding positions for people overseas. Seeing what the world has to offer is enlightening.

Living in two continents has helped me run in Australia, New Zealand, England and Scotland on many ocassions. The trickiest run I had was going from snow and minus 15degrees in Scotland to running in plus 38 degrees 48 hours later.

Other hot places I have ran in include Thailand, Cambodia, Borneo, Panang, Hong Kong, Cayman Islands and Malaysia.

Oops better go, got a half marathon to run…

Which countries have you ran in?