This time tomorrow… I need your ideas..

‘Busy bee’ is what Kenneth Martin called me. Well he is right, I am usually just that. The last couple of days have been no exception. I know people talk of a ‘double dip’, but our area of the recruitment market definitely seems to be on the up. This has to be good news because if companies are still recruiting then surely they have confidence they will have work for those they are recruiting. I do hate it when some people talk so negatively, this could lead us into a recession. So you won’t hear any of that on this page.

We are currently working on heaps of new vacancies spread across the globe and already just two days into the week received a number of confirmations of accountants securing new roles in Switzerland, Channel Islands, UK, Ireland and Bermuda. Got to be good!

So why did I name this blog ‘this time tomorrow’? Well this time tomorrow I have am going into hospital for a foot operation under general anaesthetic. I have to say the whole idea scares me a lot. I know I will be in good hands. However, I hate being out with control of my own destiny. I am concerned I could wake up during the operation, or there could be a fire when I am under. However, of even more concern is what on earth will I do for the week I am confined to my house and the weeks I will not be able to run afterwards?…

I do not watch TV and usually only sleep 4 hours a day… See my predicament? I have a few ideas and can do some work from home. However, any ideas from out there welcome from all? ……..