This beautiful city I live in…

I have always said that I live in the best city in the UK and one of the best 2 cities to live in the world! To confirm this Edinburgh has won lots of awards. The most recent being The Top Gobal City. It is interesting that some many people considering a move to the UK always think of London first. London is a great city to visit, vibrant with so much history.. but hey that could also be a description of Edinburgh. Edinburgh then has the added bonus of stunning countryside, hills and lochs very nearby.
Not been to Edinburgh? Surf the internet to see more. Visit the numerous photography and tourism web sites. My favourite pictures are by Angus McComiskey a local photographer with amazing talent. He really captures the true beauty and vibrance of everywhere he photographs.
Guess which other city I love to live in and received the Judges Selection for Most Outstanding Global Entry… Sydney of course!
How right they are!
I believe in living where you want to work and not really letting work dictate where you live. Although I can definately see at some point in a career its worth sacrificing a period of time to live somewhere not perfect to gain the right experience.
This is why I have not got to a point in my life where I will be splitting my living between these two great cities, with the added benefit of being able to visit cities on both sides of the world on route or from the cities I am based in. I can not wait!
If you could choose anywhere in the world to live, where would you choose and why?