Think Global Recruitment’s Top 10 Reasons for Moving to Jersey:

Moving to another country is not an easy task. Many times a difficult decision to make, but it can also be a decision full of opportunities that could take your life to another level of comfort and experiences.

Jersey is at a distance of only 14 miles (22km) to the East of the coast of Normandy (France) and is closer to Jersey than mainland Britain, which is only 100 miles (160km) away to the North of the island.

If you are looking for a new life, this could be a great option to have an Island vibes city with direct flights to the best landscapes destinations in Europe and UK

Top 10 Reasons for Moving to Jersey:
  1. One of the most famous and well-established offshore financial services centres
  2. Jersey is an extremely safe and friendly location that offers the perfect work-life balance.
  3. Walk to work! No long commutes
  4. Opportunity to hit the UK for some weekend exploring!
  5. Benefit from remarkable quality of life with superb beaches, dramatic coastlines, and tranquil countryside.
  6. The islands offer a healthy lifestyle, and superb sports facilities, particularly water sports, golf, tennis, and football and is a must for lovers of the outdoors!
  7. Close links to the UK and Europe, direct flights from Jersey across the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, and Spain
  8. Great restaurants and cafes, from Michelin stars to beachside shacks
  9. Family-friendly
  10. Low personal tax (maximum 20% and over £16,000 tax-free per annum).

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