Think Global Recruitment’s Summer Olympics 2016!

Team building days are never fun? Well they are when Think Global Recruitment does them!

On Friday we set off in our minibus towards an unknown location, a secret brilliantly kept for a number of months by Abigail & Katie. We arrived in our location at 10am…the Peebles Hydro Hotel! An impressive country house hotel situated amongst the breath-taking views of the Peebles countryside.
Our day started with a recap of the year, congratulating our team on their achievements and mapping out our goals for Year 17. We discussed
our exciting new upcoming projects which including our new website, CRM and phone systems.
Then it was time for lunch, where Think Global Recruitment did not fail to impress. A barbeque buffet was arranged for the team including a mouth-watering mix of meats and salads. We were also spoilt for desert which included Pavlova & cheesecake. After leaving the dining room with heavy stomachs we continued back into our room where the real surprise awaited.
 An instructor informed us of the afternoon’s activities, Think Global Recruitment’s very own Olympics! Teams were set out- senior staff vs the rest of the Think Global Recruitment office.
Outside it was raining but that didn’t stop the team. First up, bubble football! Both teams went at it bouncing off each other and falling to the ground. The senior staff took the points with three goals to nil, leaving them with the first round victory. Then there was the Bubble Off between Peter and Kevin, with neither able to knock the other over until they both collided, falling over after a double charging run.
Next up, archery and shooting. Both sides were determined to win the rest of the office buoyant by the fact they had a former marksman in their team. After a few John Wayne-esque shoots offs and rather dubious arrow shots, the teams went back inside with the scores tallied for revealing later on in the day.
Back in the hotel our percussion skills were once again put to the test with several rounds of laser quest. Various group tactics included illegal use of hands covering the head strap, shooting from behind curtains on the stage (out of bounds) and hiding a person under a piece of blow up apparatus, all of which were adopted by the senior team. The rest of the office valiantly fought back to secure an overall win, leaving the scores level.
 Back in the room the Olympics medal announcement was made…a victory for the senior team! Celebrations were had as the team collected their bottles of champers & Scotch whisky and everyone joined together for a drink afterwards in the lobby. Then it was time to head back to town where the team stayed out in typical fashion.
 Another memorable team building day with Think Global Recruitment, geared up and ready for the new company year that lies ahead!

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