Last month Think Global Recruitment launched
‘Global Recruitment Webinars’ allowing the company to invite industry leaders
in both recruitment and accountancy to present to professionals on a host of
Presented by Abigail Stevens (Managing Director– Think Global Recruitment), the first webinar discussed ‘Interview Preparation’
and was presented to an enthusiastic audience. Covering the full interview
process from phone, video and all the way to face-to-face, Abigail has almost 20 years
recruitment experience and has conducted literally thousands of interviews both
for internal and external vacancies, covering a whole variety of roles and
therefore knows every potential pitfall and is excellently placed to advise
professionals seeking advice.
Although a new service line for Think Global
Recruitment it is something that the company hugely enjoyed setting up and
promoting. Abigail Stevens received great feedback from the participants. They
all agreed that they felt far more confident and prepared for any interviews in
the pipeline. All attendees that supplied feedback noted that they are more
aware of how imperative it is that you tailor each application to the role and
company that you are applying for.
Some top tips that were discussed in detail

  1. Research – Read up on the
    company and do your research. Look at web site, financials, media page etc
  2. Key Skill – Know what key
    skills are required and whether you have them (capable/confidence)
  3. Practice – Practice answering
    difficult questions – Put yourself in the interviewers shoes
  4. Salary – Never bring up the
    topic of salary before the interviewer does.  It is often best to discuss salary at
    offer stage. Ensure they know its not all about money (keen)
  5. Most important – The interview
    practice is invaluable. It’s better to turn down an offer than be
    rejected. You may decide mid-interview that you really want the role but
    interviews feedback shows you have already blown it by that time (first
    five minutes)
  6. Recap – Recap through your
    experiences.  Know your key
  7. Sell Yourself – Be confident in
    an interview but do not rely on your CV.
    Remember to sell yourself.
  8. Turn weaknesses into positives
  9. Questions – Prepare questions
    before the interview (keen)
  10. Closure – Ask what the next
    step will be and   indicate that you
    are keen (keen)
The GlobalRecruitment Webinars are an opportunity for professionals who are considering
their next career move to receive first-hand advice on such things as ‘Interview
Preparation’, ‘Living and Working on Offshore
Islands’ and ‘Living and
Working in Emerging Markets’. We are always open to suggestions on subject
matter and topics that can be discussed so please feel free to leave a comment
in the space below of any suggestions of topics.  We look forward to meeting you there.The next two webinars cover the following:

Interview Preparation – 11th July 2013 at 10:30am GMT
Living and Working on Offshore Islands – 18th July 2013 at 7pm GMT