Think Global Recruitment does Oil and Gas

successfully recruited exclusively for the international accounting and finance
sector for over 12 years, Think Global Recruitment is delighted to announce
that we are operating in a new sector. We have now got a division actively
recruiting into the international Oil and Gas industry.
With this new division comes a new team, with a
new team comes new clients, new clients lead to new jobs and with new jobs
leads to a world of new professionals that are looking to take their career
international! This excites all of us at Think Global Recruitment as nothing
gives us a better feeling then meeting new people and discussing the ways in
which we can improve their lives. We are a recruitment consultancy that has
been built upon ensuring that we give the best service to the professionals we
work with and the companies that we recruit for.  
Managing Director Abigail Stevens has been
investigating this avenue for some time and has decided that now is the best
time to launch it, she said; “Having
successfully used our model to assist companies recruit the best Accountancy
and Finance talent across the globe, we felt we could use the same model for
another sector.  We wanted a sector that was not as reliant on the same
economic factors, but one that sometimes found it hard to find the
professionals it required on its doorstep.  That’s where we can come in
and source for those hard to fill vacancies by providing applicants from
overseas with the right skill set and motivation to make the move.  Oil
and Gas ticked all the boxes.”
Furthermore, Operations Director Cramond Perry
who has over 15 years experience in the Oil and Gas sector is equally
optimistic with the path that Think Global Recruitment have taken when
launching the new sector of the company and said; “ I’ve always been impressed
by how international the teams were in the oil and gas industry generally and
how mobile and flexible most of the workforce are prepared to be. I enjoyed
seeing more of the world at the same time as progressing my own career and am
looking forward to supporting this sector which is currently booming on buoyant
commodities prices and a severe skills shortage.”
Andrew Sharp has been assigned the task of
establishing the Oil and Gas department and with extensive experience not only
recruiting into this sector but also on an international scale, Andrew is a
great fit to make a success of  this new
Having assisted hundreds of professionals to
make the ever daunting international career move, nobody is better suited to
give advice not only on the role and company that each professional will be
applying for, but also the in-depth advice on the location and social
opportunities that each location provides. Think Global is not only about
helping find that perfect job for you, but also about helping you find the
location that suits you best; socially, financially and professionally and that
is why our vision is “Improving Lives”.