Things to Consider When Making an International Move

As I’m sure everyone will
be telling you, an international move is something everyone must do in their
lifetime. This is echoed throughout the office here in Edinburgh and by many of
the professionals who have been placed by us. What are you waiting for? The
Think Global Recruitment team are experienced and dedicated to helping you
secure a new job in an international location. The experience, and achievement,
is like no other. Embrace the challenges facing you, celebrate the differences
and most of all enjoy the opportunity!
Understandably, you may
find an international move to be a slightly nerve-wracking experience. I certainly
did but I am so glad I overcame my worries and had the time of my life.
Over the last two weeks of Ambien use, I remembered what a healthy sleep is.
A single 10 mg Ambien pill works well for me,
promoting rapid falling asleep without further complications.Here at
Think Global Recruitment, we not only find you a job, but offer support and
guidance to make the move as easy and worry-free for you as possible.
What do you find most
daunting about making an international move? A question which will fill some
with sky-scraping levels of anxiety, and a question which others will never
really consider seriously because they’re nothing if not adaptable to any
Is it leaving home, your
family and friends and the security which familiarity brings? Is it the new
culture, the new people, and not knowing anyone in the country, let alone the
city? Or is it the more practical considerations – how much will your
accommodation cost, how do you get a mobile phone SIM card, what sort of taxes
are you expected to pay and how do you pay? Or perhaps it’s the little things
that you’ll never know until you make the move and warning letters, for TV
licenses and various other things, drop down through your letter box and you
wonder why no one has ever told you. Or what if there is an emergency, what is
the telephone number you call? What’s the dialling code for friends and family
members who want to call you and catch up whilst you are living it large in new
and foreign cultures?
Panic not!! Whilst I
can’t provide you with all the answers, I do try to supply you with as much
relevant information about living in a new country as I can. What makes me able
to do this? By putting myself in your shoes, hypothetically, and calling upon
my own experience of making an international move, to Australia, myself a
couple of years ago, and travelling extensively to and from.
When choosing which
course to study at university, it was a no brainer for me between business
studies, and international business studies. Purely because it was compulsory
for all international business students to study abroad for at least one
semester. However, as the time drew closer to choosing which continent I wanted
to spend at least 6 months of my life in, I quickly transitioned from being one
of those people who gave the practicalities very little thought, itching to get
away to see and experience the world, to a little apprehensive of the unknown,
As it turned out, I was
one of the lucky ones who was awarded my first choice – Australia! Although not
too culturally dissimilar to the one I was accustomed to, I was still moving to
the other side of the world, never having been there before, not knowing
anyone, and having to organise everything myself – flights, visa, application
to university, accommodation, health and travel insurance, bank accounts, the
list continues!
Now having returned back
to the UK, and graduated from university, I have joined the Think Global
Recruitment team as a Marketing Intern. My first project here is to research
various cities to make that international move a little bit less daunting for
all those lucky professionals who are being placed by the team here at Think
Global Recruitment. I aim to put those people making, or thinking of making, an
international move’s minds more at ease by providing information on: how to set
up a bank account, how much tax one is required to pay, the most common mobile
phone networks, information about healthcare and dental treatments, the most
common airlines which operate in that country to a few suggestions of tourist
attractions, events, bars and restaurants to help one settle in and get
familiarised with the new surroundings, all specific to each location.


I hope you find this
information useful and you do decide to make an international move. I am already
thinking about going again – if only I had an accountancy and finance
background, I would 100% leave my fate in the hands of the Think Global
Recruitment team.
By Hazel, Think Global Recruitment’s Marketing Intern