A superb day!

Wow, I cant believe it gone 7pm already! The day has gone so fast. Lots of good things happened today. We secured new positions for 2 accountants overseas. One will be off to the lovely Channel Islands and the other to sunny Bermuda. Then the phones didn’t stop ringing with interview requests for other accountants we are assisting to find new roles.

It was interesting speaking to a contact in Bermuda who is a little nervous, but looking forward her potential first hurricane on the island! She is off to find a stock of ingredients for the lovely swizzle cocktail and some chicken wings.. and then its down the hatches. Its great that we can predict the hurricanes, the force they will hit and everyone can ride it out safely these days. Luckily Bermuda does not have very vicious hurricanes usually. I think only one in the last 20 years did damage to speak about and no-one got hurt.

Talking of natural disasters, my heart still goes out to my friends in New Zealand who were recently hit with an earthquake. It didn’t get reported too widely in the UK, but it was 7 on the richter scale and seems to have caused heaps of damage. On top of that it really shock people that were in up. My friends were in bed and got thrown across the room as they tried to get under the door frame. One cracked some ribs and briefly passed out. It sounded terrifying. However, again, brilliant to know that there were no fatalities even in a quake of that magnitude.

Only other sad news today was saying goodbye to a member of my team who has been with us for over 3 years. Unfortunately she is finding the commute too much now she has a young child. Her bubbly personality will be missed in the office.

So, onwards we now need to find another good recruitment consultant. They seem to be a bit thin on the ground these days. If you know a consultant who has high standards, a professional attitude towards their work and would like to Improve Lives, then please do tell them to contact me.

Well now, it is Friday night, so I should sign off and start my weekend.

Have a good one all.