Stop Being Comfortable

The other day I was having coffee with
one of my closest friends. We talked about how we met when he first moved to
Scotland a few years previous and how
little English he spoke.
As ignorant as it sounds, I’ve never
really taken into consideration how difficult that must have been for him. He
was in a strange country, miles away from home, knowing no one and unable to
speak the language. It sounds like a nightmare. There must have been many times
he considered returning home to his safety net – where he speaks the language,
knows the people and is familiar with his surroundings. He was literally miles
out of his comfort zone.
As humans we are naturally trepidatious
of the unknown. We are content living in our metaphorical bubbles of what we
know, whether that is staying in the job we hate because we’re good at it,
living in a location we’re bored of because it’s easier than moving, or eating
the same dish off the menu from the same restaurant we go to every Friday
because we’re worried that if we choose something else it might not measure up.
Because we’re comfortable.
Going back to my friend, words probably
can’t describe how uncomfortable he was when he moved to the UK. However, he
persevered and I would like to add that he has now been here for five years,
he’s fluent in English, he has a lovely Scottish girlfriend who he has been with
for coming up to three years and he is working in his dream
How did he get to this point? He stepped
out of his comfort zone, he made himself interesting, valuable and overall he
gained confidence.
In honour of my friend, I think everyone
should do something they wouldn’t normally do. Ask a stranger how their day is.
Take a different route home from work. Move to the other side of the world. The
chances are great that you will feel better within yourself for doing so, even
if the initial step is testing.
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