Sergio’s Story: From Singapore to Bermuda – Overseas Accountancy Careers


We helped Sergio back in 2014 to make the move from Singapore to Bermuda. After enjoying two years in the sun, working and lying on white sandy beaches, we caught up with him to find out how he has been getting on.

Why did you originally decide to move overseas?

‘It was a good opportunity for career development. I really wanted to specialise and get experience in financial services.’

Did you have any concerns with moving overseas?

‘No, not really, the team at Think Global Recruitment were super helpful and I was told exactly what to expect. The Big Four are all quite similar so I had a rough idea of what to expect when entering my new role.’


What do you think was the biggest benefit of moving?


‘The biggest benefit of moving was definitely gaining insurance experience in Financial Services. I wanted to specialise in this specific industry as it opens a lot of doors and I felt that Bermuda was the right place to do it.’


What were the highlights of your location?

‘The best thing about living in Bermuda is being so close to the beach. There are lots of other expats living here in Bermuda so you make amazing friends with not only locals but with people from all over the globe. The island itself is great, I am really glad I made the move as it has helped me continue to grow professionally and has allowed me to experience a different culture.’


What, in your opinion, are the advantages of working overseas?

‘I have always worked overseas, so was more open to another move. Living and working abroad is exciting and opens your eyes to new cultures and the different ways that people live. It also makes you more open to new ideas and helps you develop both personally and professionally. My job in Bermuda has also given me the opportunity to work with clients that I would otherwise not been able to.’

What advice would you offer to Accountants thinking about working overseas?

‘Definitely do it! Don’t hold back! If you get the opportunity, go for it! Become friends with the locals, they will guide you and tell you where to eat, where to go out and what to do. Don’t burn bridges back home, keep professional at all times, people will remember you. You will gain amazing experiences and develop new ways of thinking and solving problems. You will get to experience different cultures and make friends from all around the world which will benefit you in the long run and open many opportunities than you could ever believe.’


How did Think Global Recruitment assist you in securing your job overseas?

‘The team at Think Global really understood what I wanted and what I was looking for job wise. My consultant helped prepare me for interviews by going through potential questions and scenarios and made me feel like I was the right candidate for the job which really helped with my confidence.’


The team here at Think Global would like to thank Sergio for speaking to us about his experience and would like to wish him all the best in the future!

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