Preparing yourself for a new life and job in Australia: What to expect

Preparing for life as an expat can be exciting and it can have its challenges.  As it is a transition to a whole new world with a completely different set of customs and cultures, that may or may not take some getting used to. Although a permanent move to Australia may not be quite as much of a shock to the system for Europeans as, for example, China, Japan or the Middle East, it may still take a bit of getting used to. This said, Australia is one of the most liveable countries in the world and has become one of the top destinations for accountancy professionals who are striving for a new challenge and want to make a fresh start in a warm and friendly nation.

So, you have a start date for a new accounting job in Australia, and you’ve read up on the city/region you’re relocating to, so what else should you prepare for before you head to the airport? Read on to find out more.

1. The Weather – Depending where you are moving from, the weather is one thing you may need to adjust to if you’re preparing for life in Australia. Although you’ll be based in an air-conditioned office during regular business hours, Australia is a very ‘outdoorsy’ place and the big draw for many people is the climate. Beware, it can get very hot, particularly in some states more than others, however providing you avoid prolonged exposure to the sun during the hottest times of the day and use high-factor sun cream when out and about you should be just fine! If in doubt, follow the example of the locals, they’ve been living with it all their lives! In contrast, some areas can get cold during the winter months and believe it or not you can even go skiing!

2. It’s a Huge Country – If you’re used to taking short weekend breaks to other cities and experiencing different cultures, cuisines and languages you can enjoy this, but budget for time in the air. Australia is a massive country and to put this into perspective, it takes 4 hours plus to fly from Sydney on the east coast to Perth on the west coast, the same time it takes to fly from London to Barcelona and back!  However, Australia is a multicultural country with communities from all over the world so if you do fancy an authentic Neapolitan Pizza or a traditional Turkish kebab you can get it! Just get out and explore or ask the locals for their recommendations.

3. Work/Life Balance – Australia is well known for its world-leading work/life balance and although like everywhere, you will get rewarded for hard work, locals and expats generally agree that work doesn’t generally take over your whole life. This is one of the biggest factors that people take into account when looking for accounting jobs for expats in Australia.

4. The Animals – No blog regarding living and working in Australia would be complete without mentioning the extraordinary wildlife in this part of the world, many of which are found nowhere else on earth. Kangaroos and Koalas are two cuddly examples of animals only found in Australia but there are other creatures such as snakes and spiders that you will definitely need to be aware of before you hop on that plane to a new life!  The good news is these are rarely seen in the cities where you will be living.

5. The People – As previously mentioned, Australia is a multicultural country and most people who choose to make this country their home get on with the locals and assimilate quickly. If you are a native of the UK, this assimilation is even easier as you’ll share the same cultural norms and sense of humour but beware, the Aussie slang used amongst friends will take some getting used to!

6. Sport – If the term ‘Sports Mad’ could be attributed to the inhabitants of any one country, this country would be Australia. From rugby to cricket to AFL, sports of all descriptions are ingrained in the national psyche and make up a huge part of any Aussie’s leisure time, whether that’s spectating or playing. You will probably get asked the question ‘Who you rooting for mate’? during any sporting event which means ‘Which team are you supporting?’.

6. Food – Again, being a multicultural country, you can get any food you desire in all the main towns and cities. From local Asian restaurants to steak houses to Michelin-starred bistros and local delis, the food on offer in Australia will not disappoint. Being a country where a lot of time is spent outdoors, the good old ‘Barbie’ (BBQ) also features highly throughout the country and is a dining experience that will be forever associated with the great Aussie outdoors. 

Important factors such as healthcare, education, housing and infrastructure are all world-class, similar or perhaps even better than your home country. 

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