FROM POLAND TO AUSTRALIA – Married, Moved Home and Changed Job in the same year! 

Today we caught up with Patrycja, who Think Global Recruitment assisted to move from Poland to a Big Four firm in Brisbane Australia, six months ago.

They say the three most stressful things you can do in your life are get married, move home and change your job.  Not fazed by this Patrycja secured her new position in April just prior to her wedding.  After a lovely honeymoon she returned to complete relevant visa paperwork and move to Brisbane in September.  She is enjoying her new role, living in Australia and is happy to share her experience with you.

“Everyone is super friendly” 

Patrycja found settling into her role fairly easy.  ‘’There was lots of training at the start.  Everyone is super friendly.  Especially now with being in isolation.  I receive lots of emails from the team.  I am doing a similar job, but learning a lot and really happy I am here.”

She is getting used to working from home.  They have been doing that for 2 weeks now.   There is more work as a result, mainly because of video conferencing you need to do.  “Sometimes I have 6 or 7 calls a day, lasting half an hour with team members and clients.  We are still carrying out audits, but talking to clients, working from home mainly.”

 “It’s great we have been outside the city every weekend”

When asked about living in Australia and Brisbane Patrycja said, “I am enjoying it.  Especially before the quarantine. Its great we have been outside the city every weekend. There is so much to do, like visiting the national parks.  My favorite thing about the move is the opportunity to travel around.  It was been always my dream to move somewhere far.  Originally I contacted Think Global Recruitment to go to the Caribbean, however this role came up in Australia and I am very pleased that I took it.

“I cannot imagine anyone not being satisfied.”   

It was hard for my husband to find a job.  When he was about to start his new role the virus happened and so they put the position on hold. I was talking to friends from work and they were all saying anyone coming here (Brisbane) without sponsorship, unless in tourism, can take 6 months to secure a new position.   This maybe because Brisbane is a smaller city.  I heard it is easier for Sydney and Melbourne.

I think it is a great move to do. I cannot imagine anyone not being satisfied.  Especially for people whose first language is not English.   It is very multicultural here and it is good to speak to people from different countries.

”I think it is a great move!”


We wish Patrycja and her husband all the best in their new city and are pleased she is safely working from home during the pandemic.