It’s the New Year and for many of you that means making resolutions of changes you wish to make in your life, whether it is starting the gym or changing jobs.

In my career I am proud to say that I have helped improve people’s lives from every Continent in the World and understand the obstacles that are in the way of progressing your career Internationally. I have updated my blog to provide an ‘Ask Abigail’ section to allow anyone that has questions to ask. Just click on the tab or here to find the list of topics that I am happy to provide comment and advice on.


Above is a cut-out of a feature in the December issue of the CA magazine where I was asked to provide comment for accountants who are considering ‘Finding work in Canada’. I was approached by ICAS to supply comment on the topic because of the experience I have in not only the Accountancy recruitment sector but also in regards to moving overseas and relocation. I take pride in providing honest and free advice and have in the past discussed provided comment in multiple international accountancy journals.