My First Week at Think Global Recruitment

By Katherine, our team’s shiny new administrator

‘I was very fortunate to get my break away from hospitality and even more
fortunate that straight out of university I landed at Think Global

On my first day, nerves and excitement propelled me into the
office where I was faced with a daunting challenge – remembering all my new
colleagues names!

Faces bobbed up from their computers and desks as names
were rattled off to me and though I was rubbish at remembering who was who, I
did happily note how lovely and welcoming each of them were, and suddenly I
wasn’t so nervous!

After finally memorising names and tearing myself away
from the beautiful views of Edinburgh that the penthouse office provides, I focused
on mastering the computer systems and operational tasks that my new job in
administration required.

The energy that is in the office is amazing, I am
constantly enamored by how engaging, friendly and knowledgeable the consultants

I was surprised, as a recruitment office rookie, at the strength of
commitment that the consultants have for their candidates and clients alike.
They really are like the Cupids of the international recruitment world, pairing
candidates with their dream finance jobs in even dreamier locations.

Even in
my role in administration I get to learn so much not just about recruitment but
also about the world of finance. The amount that I have learned about both these
industries in my first week is astounding and I love that there is so much more.

If I was looking to make an International move in the finance world I know
who I would be contacting!
I really can’t wait to see what lies ahead for a
me in my new role and as well as watching Think Global Recruitment grow and
continue to be the leader in International recruitment for financial