On a Mission to the United Arab Emirates

We’re thrilled to announce that our Managing Director, Abigail Stevens, will be going on the 2017 Trade Mission to the United Arab Emirates! Abigail will be hitting the global business centres in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to meet with our current and future partners in the Middle East. Breathing in the opulence of the UAE and taking in the exotic culture, our mission for this trip is to find out how we can contribute and be part of the growing future of the UAE.

Having been on a few Trade Missions, this is where we get the chance to truly strengthen our relationships with key leaders in this region, explore new market opportunities, gain on-the-ground knowledge and understand the evolving culture of the Middle East.


Let’s talk about our plans 

1. Top of the list: A reunion with familiar faces

There’s nothing better than reuniting with old friends again and doing business in person. Since we’ve been in the international recruitment space for over 17 years, it’s always a pleasure to meet up with our partners in the Middle East. We’ll be catching up on the changes that have been happening within the UAE financial sector and how the growth in other sectors is impacting this, including construction, new regulation, and energy.

2. Exploring the thriving business opportunities in UAE

The UAE holds a coveted location being strategically placed between Europe, Asia, and Africa. With a strong focus on innovation, global commerce, and growing infrastructure, we’re interested to hear how growth in these areas will continue to shape the UAE’s future as a global leader. Abigail will be meeting with our partners in the major International Organisations and hearing their perspectives on where they’ve got their attention focused on for the next 3 – 5 years. She will also be researching the skills shortage and legal job market in the UAE. As we’ve recently expanded our portfolio to include legal, this is another great prospect to broaden our horizons and diversify our service.

3. Getting insider knowledge

Scottish Development International (SDI) who are organising this Trade Mission will be hosting a unique programme of business seminars that bring together the UK and the UAE. Specifically highlighting the skills and education that’s needed in this region for their future. This is a pivotal opportunity for our team to really learn about how we can deliver the right talent to this region that meets the current demands and exceed expectations. We’ll do the ground work to prepare you for the challenges ahead and how you can get the right experience to win the dream roles available in industry and practice in the UAE.

4. Making new connections for the future

With multiple social networking events and dinners on, we’re looking forward to meeting new leaders, rising stars, expats, and entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and contribute to the success of the UAE. Our vision is improving lives, and every decision we make needs to make a positive impact on our all stakeholders, big and small. So, we’re truly looking forward to how we can add value to the new players in the game and how we can collaborate.

5. Indulging in the culture and luxurious tourism industry of the UAE
Architecture Islam Abu Dhabi White Mosque Emirates

No trip to the UAE will be complete without visiting the Burj Khalifa, Desert Safari and shopping! After all, we’re here to have some fun as well. SDI have also organised the St Andrew’s Day Reception at the British Embassy where 100 local high-profile business guests, Trade Mission Delegates, and Embassy officials are invited to connect and build partnerships. Abigail will also be checking out the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU), the new urban city of Dubai South, and attending the Christine Noble Foundation Charity Ball.


UAE, here we come! Check out our programme below and stay tuned for more blog posts to come! 

The Programme

25th Nov – Arriving in Dubai

26th Nov – Welcome and Market Briefing in Dubai

27th Nov – Heading to Abu Dhabi for Company Visits, Business Seminars, and Networking

28th Nov –Time to explore, experience the culture, and meet with future partners

29th Nov – Meeting British Centres for Business and attending the St Andrew’s Day Reception at the British Embassy

30th Nov – Visiting major centres in Dubai, attending Christine Noble Foundation Charity Ball

1st Dec –  Heading to the Dubai Rugby 7s with other mission delegates

2nd Dec – Flying back home to Scotland


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