Samantha’s Story – From London to Sydney – Overseas Accountancy Jobs


In 2005, Samantha moved from London to Sydney. She had a friend who wanted to travel with her originally but sadly had to pull out. This did not stop Samantha though and 10 years, a husband and 2 children later, Samantha is still in Sydney and has never looked back!

We recently caught up with Samantha to find out about her move and how her life is now.

Did you have any concerns with moving overseas?

I had previously lived for a year in Spain, having moved there knowing no-one and not speaking a word of Spanish so it wasn’t too scary but the thought of leaving my parents as I am an only child was concerning. I knew no one in Australia but I reconciled myself to leaving with the knowledge that I would be able to come home if I was miserable.

When you arrived in your location, how long did it take you to settle in?

I think I settled in fairly quickly. The routine of work and forming friendships via my job made it easier to settle in. The gorgeous weather and outdoor lifestyle really suited me as well. A year after my move, I met my husband through my work and meeting him and having that security quickly made Sydney feel like home. 

Did your move meet your original expectations? How?

Sydney’s lifestyle exceeded my expectations as the people were very welcoming. It also made me realise how unhealthy my lifestyle in London had become. Life in Sydney made me feel immediately healthier and better as I wasn’t spending every evening in the pub with friends. As I didn’t have friends immediately, I had much more time to do recreational sightseeing. I fell in love with the city!

What was the biggest benefit of moving?

The best thing about my move to Sydney was meeting my husband. The biggest benefit to my move now is the childhood and lifestyle my children enjoy, something they would in no way have in London. The weather is far better in Sydney, the city is beautiful and our house here is much better than the one we would have had in the UK. I also gained enough experience during my
first placement, that myself and my husband felt we could open our own management consultancy.

What were the highlights of Sydney?

The weather and city were definite highlights for me. As well as this, the work/life balance I achieved in my second job was great. The people were very welcoming.

What culture differences did you notice?

The Australian and British cultures are very similar.  I found the main difference to be in the lifestyle. Australia’s lifestyle is based on the outdoors and is a lot healthier than the UKs. 

If you are in a different location to where we placed you, when and why did you leave?

After my initial role in Sydney with PwC, I moved my career on to work for Macquarie Bank. I then stayed at that job until 2013 when I left to have my second child. After this, I joined my husband at his management consultancy.   

What is your current job title?

I am a Director

What, in your opinion, are the advantages of working overseas in terms of gaining future employment?

I would not have got my second role if I had not moved to Sydney. Because of my move, I am much more self-reliant and I am not scared to fail.I am also much braver and bolder because of my international move and having to fit in with other cultures.

What advice would you offer accountants thinking about moving overseas?

Do it! If it all goes wrong, you can go home and at least you will have tried. If it goes right, however, it will massively improve your life and career.

How did Think Global Recruitment assist you in securing your job?

They were very encouraging my consultant, had already moved from UK to Australia previously. He gave me the confidence to make the move from London and then when I was ready to move on from my first job, he helped me gain my new role, a move which I would never have imagined I could do.

What are the advantages of applying for a job through Think Global Recruitment?

The firm’s (Think Global Recruitment’s) market knowledge is an advantage definitely. Consultant’s commitments, client contacts and networking abilities were also positives.



We wish Sam and her husband all the best in the running of their consultancy Think Consulting.

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