Job Hunting Mistakes

It is amazing how many ‘stories’ you hear regading the mistakes people make when job hunting.  Being in recruitment I have witnessed a few first hand.
Top 10 Mistakes:
10.  Interviewee ate an excessive amount of garlic night before.  Rejected.
9.  Applicant for professional office job turned up with excessive jewelry, including pierced nose and tummy button!  Rejected.
8.  Spelling mistakes on application covering email for PA role.  Rejected.
7. Getting the interviewers name wrong at the start of the interview and continued to do so, but with different names each time!  Rejected.
6.  Applicant had final interview with the Managing Director.  When discussing possible career progression an organisation chart was produced.  The applicant asked ‘So where do you fit in on this chart’.
5.  Applicant asked why they wanted to work for the organisation they applied to.  Replied ‘because the agency told them to’.  Rejected.
4. Interviewer asked applicant if they had any questions.  Applicant ‘Firstly, what salary will you pay me’.  ‘Secondly what hours do I have to work? I am looking for a life balance’.  Rejected.
3.  Interviewee when asked if had any questions about the job replied ‘yes can you tell me what your company does?’ Rejected.
2.  Financial Services professional thought he had a job in the bag.  He was almost right.  A specialist with highly sort after skills, moving from one major international firm in London to another.   He turned up to his final interview late, with a black eye.  No apology, but when asked said ‘I was out with a few of your staff last night and we got drunk, I fell over’.  He really thought the name dropping re socialising with other members of their team would clinch the deal!  The interviewer had been desparate, but not that deaparate.  Rejected.
and finaly, the biggest ‘oh no she didnt do that!’
1.  Applicant had already applied to same company 2 years previously, but the process hadnt moved to offer because they went elsewhere.  Company was delighted to see they were applying again, until the original interview notes were pulled out.  The dates on her previous cv and new one did not match.  Whole jobs had been left off.  Yes the new cv was more impressive.  However, it was a pack of lies.  Rejected!
NEVER lie at application or interview stage.  You will be found out.  Infact my motto is never lie ever!
I hope this blog has been interesting, maybe even made you chuckle or cringe.   If you are unsure why any of these were reasons for reject then please do not hesitate to conatact me and I would be happy to explain.
At Think Global Recruitment we provide extensive detailed interview briefings and preparation for all applicants we secure interviews for.
Do you have any horror job applicant stories to share?