Jess’s Journey: From South Africa to Christchurch – A Positive Tale of International Relocation for Accountants

Are you an accountant in your mid to late twenties, dreaming of an international adventure? Meet Jess, a fellow accountant who recently made the bold move from South Africa to Christchurch, New Zealand, with the assistance of Think Global Recruitment. Jess started her new position at a Top 5 International CA firm in July 2023, and she is delighted to share her positive experience with you.


A Smooth Transition to New Zealand Life

Jess and her husband, an electrician, decided to embark on this exciting journey together

How has she found her new life in New Zealand? “Really great,” she says with enthusiasm.

Jess has fallen in love with her new home.


Working at her firm: “Beyond Expectations”

Working for her firm has been a remarkable experience for Jess. She describes it as a place where promises are not just made but kept, and support goes above and beyond. The firm is known for its flexible working arrangements, with an open-door policy

 for working from home or leaving early. Jess even highlights the caring nature of her colleagues and the approachability of the partners.

One of the standout moments in Jess’s journey was her unexpected promotion, which came as a pleasant surprise. The firm recognized her talents and dedication, proving that hard work is rewarded there. While the job can get busy at times, the understanding atmosphere makes it all worth it.

Onboarding and Visa Application: A Breeze

The visa application process was smooth, thanks to thorough research and preparation. Jess and her husband had always dreamed of moving to New Zealand, with a particular preference for Christchurch.

As for onboarding, the firm provided an on-the-job approach, tailored to Jess’s previous experience. While they have formal induction training for graduates, Jess was given the autonomy to dive right into her work, with training videos available to assist with the new software.

From Medium-Tier to Top 5 Firm: A Seamless Transition

Jess moved from an international medium-tier firm in South Africa to a top 5 firm in New Zealand. Although the work remained similar, she noticed differences in formal procedures and departmental structure. Most importantly, she emphasizes the positive workplace culture in her new firm.

Work and Life Outside the Office

Jess has been working on a variety of clients since joining, offering her a diverse range of experiences. Outside of work, she’s been exploring New Zealand’s natural beauty, from its beaches to its camping sites. Weekend trips and exciting activities have kept her engaged and entertained.

Looking ahead, Jess has plans to visit South Africa for her brother-in-law’s wedding and fit in another camping trip before the summer ends.

The Joys of New Zealand

Jess revels in the safety and freedom that New Zealand offers. Unlike her experiences in South Africa, she appreciates the freedom to explore beautiful places for free, with countless parks and outdoor activities available.

A Dream Workplace

What Jess enjoys most about working at her firm is the flexibility and understanding they provide. The firm’s open-mindedness regarding personal commitments, such as leaving early for family reasons, makes it an ideal place to work, especially for those planning to start a family.

Think Global Recruitment & Maxine, her consultant: A Trusted Partner

Jess commends Think Global Recruitment and Maxine for exceptional assistance throughout her journey. She describes Maxine as a “new best friend,” praising her calm and understanding approach. The agency not only helped with interview preparation but also provided continuous support, making the transition smoother.

Jess’s Advice for Accountants Considering an International Move

For accountants considering an international move, Jess offers some valuable advice. She encourages you to embrace the experience with an open mind, travel, and make the most of every opportunity. Recognize that everything will be different, but that’s what makes it exciting.

In conclusion, Jess’s story is a testament to the positive experiences that can come from making an international move for your career. Her journey from South Africa to Christchurch has been filled with adventure, professional growth, and a newfound appreciation for life in New Zealand. If you’re an accountant with a thirst for exploration and personal growth, consider following in Jess’s footsteps and discovering the world of opportunities that await you abroad.  Please reach out to us for assistance in this amazing journey.  +44 (0)131 260 5850.