Isn't life easier now it's so mobile…

As you can see, it’s been a while.  Like many, I just never seem to find time to post my bloggs.  I have started many, but never finished them.  I have been inspired to write many, but forgot by the time I stepped off that train.  Why it has taken me soo long to download blogger onto my phone is beyond me.   Well here I am now!
What has been new since the last blogg?  So many great things.  Visits to Barcelona, London, Australia and New Zealand to name but a few.
Australia has certainly ‘hotted up’ and not just because the wet summer is finally having a rest, but in the recruitment sense.  We have had a good number of requests from firms seeking accountants to join their teams.  The roles are spread accross the entire vast country, offering exciting, different places to live for everyone.  From Sydney to Melbourne, Perth to Adelaide to Brisbane and other far spread beautiful locations.  The positions are just as varied including audit, transactions services, recovery/insolvency, financial and management accouting and advisory. How great is that!?
Back in Europe opportunities continue to flurrish, especially, but not exclusively, if you have language skills.  We are delighted to have assisted a large number of accountants to secure roles in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium, the UK mainland and offshore in the last couple of months.  Seriously there is a world of opportunity out there!
Another exciting thing at Think Global Recruitment, is that we are speaking to our wide range of clients and other businesses to find out if we can expand the industry experience they seek internationally.  If there are any employera out there that can not find the best tallent locally and want to Think Global, then please do get in touch.  We would love to see if we can assist.  Likewise if you are an experienced international recruitment consultant/manager or believe your specialist sector experience could Think Global I would live to hear from you.
So it is all about vacancies and worldwide opportunities.  Think Global Recruitment is expanding through success.  My personal biggest challenge at the moment is attracting the very best experienced consultants and managers to join our team.    I believe other consultancies are experiencing this and we would welcome any tips on how to do this?