Aisling’s Story: From Ireland to Hobart – Overseas Accountancy Careers

 Sydney Harbour

In 2013, Aisling moved from Dublin to Tasmania in Australia, where she now lives in a central apartment in the convivial city of Hobart with her partner. We caught up with her for a quick chat and thought it would be nice to share her story… 

I ended up getting a job in a Big 4 Firm where I have worked for 8 months and been promoted to Assistant Manager, I feel like I’ve taken a big step forward

I never really had a work life balance in Dublin and I had always wanted to move to Australia and travel around the country. I went for a two-year contract which has given me so much flexibility – I’ve already seen loads of Australia!

I was trained in a small practice and then went straight into a top 5 firm in Dublin, when I was looking to move overseas I ended up getting a job at a Big 4 firm where I have worked for 8 months and been promoted to Assistant Manager, I feel like taken a big step forward.


All I had to do was pack my bags and that was it!

Think Global Recruitment have a really good reputation in Hobart. All I really had to do was pack my bags and that was it!
My consultant was so good at getting back to me, my visa was running late so he was chasing it up and making sure I was kept in the loop. He also put me in touch with an English girl who he assisted in moving to Hobart previously, she was so helpful, she helped me out with loads of stuff.

It was such a big move just for a job.

Obviously moving a few thousand miles away from home was a little bit of a concern! I guess I was worried about settling, it was such a big move just for a job, it was a huge jump so I was really just worrying that it would work out. My partner came with me so we were both hoping that he would be able to get work. We wondered what it would be like; would it be that much different from home?
I don’t regret moving, it’s been a massive improvement

My move met my expectations, definitely, I don’t regret moving, it’s been a massive improvement, I didn’t know what to expect in my move, to be honest, I guess you never do. I’m not really sure; I was just hoping that it would work out. I didn’t know so I just hoped. It was quite a rush as well, we both kind of decided we wanted to leave in October, I got offered the job in November and then we moved at the end of January. It was so quick. But it was just too good an offer to turn down.

We call each other the ‘internationals’

Beach in Hobart

It’s good in the office because there is a Scottish and English girl and when I first started there were two American girls so there was a good group of people who were in the same boat. We call each other the ‘internationals’. It’s quite easy to settle in when they have the same culture.

It probably took about three months to settle in, we spent a lot of time going on trips and doing fun things, we kind of felt like we were on holiday for a while.

We’ve only been here for eight months but I would say we’re pretty comfortable.

I’m getting massive exposure to larger clients over here.

The work life balance is amazing; they love Irish and British people because we work so hard. Their busy season here is just like normal busy back home. If you work until 7 you are generally the last person to leave, they all go home at 5.15pm. It’s appreciated if you stay late, not expected.

My firm is heavily into investing in people. Training is really important to them, I’m doing a coaching course at the moment where I look at everyone and see how I can help them do better. I think it’ll look great on my CV. They are really into training and getting everyone involved. The partners really make an effort to know everyone, they even know my boyfriend’s name! They sit down with you and talk about everything, even family etc. It is amazing.

I am getting massive exposure to larger clients over here. There are loads of different offices with a lot of different clients.

Aisling and her friends

Cultural differences… Everything is quite similar, though, sometimes they don’t understand me or know how to say my name but that’s about it!

My partner and I have done so much here, every weekend we do something, we go on day trips or away for the day, the kind of stuff you wouldn’t do at home. We’re only 50 minutes away from Melbourne.

The relationship that Think Global Recruitment have with my firm, they have a massive trust in the company

They have assisted accountants getting jobs there before so the firm knows that they can be trusted to bring in good candidates. I think this made my application a bit smoother. It was great having someone there to help you out with everything through the process. There is always someone there to hold your hand!

Just do it! You won’t regret it!


If I had to give advice to another accountant it would be to just do it! And I guess, my mum always said to me that you can be home to visit in two days, you’re only a flight away!

**Story Update: Since we last spoke to Aisling she has been promoted to Audit Manager and has moved to the KPMG Head Office in Sydney**
We would like to thank Aisling for sharing her story with us and would like to wish her all the best for the future. Please get in touch with us here if you would like to discuss moving overseas with one of our advisors.