I’M LEAVING ON A JET PLANE………. Reasons to pursue an overseas career..

Qualifying as a Chartered Accountant is like getting a ticket to move to the global location of your
set the scene. You’ve just qualified and Very Big Plc is interested in
interviewing you for a local position with solid career prospects. Meanwhile,
your best mate is just about to set off on a round-the-world adventure and his
light-hearted accusations that “you’ll have cobwebs all over you by the time I
come back,” sets you thinking. Will he really return as a more rounded – not to
mention tanned – individual in a few years time? How’s he going to sustain
himself? What will the effect be on his career?  What other benefits could he possibly get from
his move?
Career Development
are numerous benefits in making an international move.  Overriding all has to be Career Development.
International experience is often a pre-requisite for senior management
positions. The Big Four firms have often stated you need overseas experience to
make it to Partner level.  We live in a
global economy – business is increasingly international and an understanding of
other countries’ working policies, economic climate and conditions can be a
real feather in your cap.
The move has completely exceeded my original
expectations.  My client portfolio includes American oil companies, French
media broadcasters, Japanese construction giants and high-profile Spanish opera
singers.  The diversity of the clients has necessitated a steep learning
curve but every single day brings something completely different, which is what
I want from my career.
moved to Qatar


One of the reasons the large firms rate highly
international experience is that it is felt that someone who has pushed
themselves outside their comfort zone doing things such as learning new ways of
doing things, making new friends and setting up a new home, will have gained
confidence.  This more confident person
has time and time again returned into positions above the pier group they left
Some people go for English
speaking, similar culture but better weather and consider Australia or New
you are looking for more of a cultural change, you don’t mind the heat and the
odd jungle trip then Africa may be your bag.
A penchant for the Oriental and cultural experiences? Then the Far East
or Middle East will hold an obvious attraction. Sun sand sea sport and
rum?  Then look no further than Bermuda
and the Caribbean.
If you
have given any thought at all to moving overseas I would recommend you go for
it. Although it can be a scary thought, once you are actually there you realise
everyone else is in the same position and it is so easy to make friends. It is
also a great chance to use your qualification to gain valuable experience from
working in a different culture.
Joanne, moved from the UK to the Cayman


of hunger to learn or utilise a language skills then mainland Europe or South
America could be the place for you.  Or
you may wish to stay closer to home, whilst experiencing a different lifestyle,
meeting new people and experiencing a better work/life balance, then perhaps
the Channel Islands would be the place for you.
are important but take care to consider the whole package.  Whatever happens you will be paid a fair
salary and in some locations you will have your accommodation provided and a
generous tax structure.  These days,
don’t expect to make a lot of savings unless in a developing location.  There is often plenty to spend your money on
and it is just as important to “live the life” and get as much experience as
possible out of your contract.
Go for
it! It’s highly enriching and it makes you realise that there is a lot more to
life than money and career development, such as just living somewhere
different, making new friends, enjoying a lifestyle and work/life balance that
suits your as a person.
Julie, moved from London to New Zealand
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