Hear from others who have made the move how going global will change your life and career for the better

The idea of leaving your job, friends, and family, behind to venture into the big world can seem a big step for some people, but for the people we work with this is the opportunity of a lifetime!

Moving abroad will bring about so many opportunities for cross-cultural experiences, career development and a sense of personal enrichment that comes from surviving on your own two feet in a foreign country. It is an accomplishment to feel proud of and it will open doors that you cannot imagine if you stayed home.

We’ve been in the business of moving people globally since the year 2000 and have helped to improve the lives of thousands of professionals since then. It’s our passion to find the dream role in amazing locations for real people who are ready to a leap of faith and start a new life.

There are many reasons to move abroad, and everyone has a different reason to be motivated. Here are the top five benefits of going global and how the move will add to your professional development and personal growth.


  1. Adapt quickly – ‘When you sign up here, you sign up to be globally mobile.’ – Geraldine

One of the biggest benefits of moving abroad is that it will truly challenge you to take on the unfamiliar. It will test your ability to be agile and to adapt in new or unique situations that you may not have faced before. It could be as simple as figuring out how to get to work or adjusting to different cultural and leadership styles. All these experiences will push your boundaries and allow you to grow into the new environment, and the quicker you are at adapting the better the results are for your career.

‘One of the highlights for me is being based in Ireland at the corporate head office of the company. You get exposure to a lot of very senior people from early on in your career, and that’s been a really good growth aspect for me. I moved over here not knowing anyone really, so you do learn a lot about yourself and who you are as a person and that you can cope on your own and no matter where you are you can settle in and make friends.’

We assisted Geraldine to make her international move. Coming from a small town in South Africa to living in the south of Ireland, Geraldine went from a management reporting role to now being the Country Financial Compliance Controller with the global FMCG firm she moved to, only two and a half years ago. Geraldine really has made Ireland her home and embraced this exciting opportunity to progress in her career. It’s amazing to see her flourish in this new role where she can spread her wings professionally and truly make an impact.


  1. The opportunity to be an expert – ‘I’m working with the company and government officials to implement the VAT roll out.’ – Farid

Being in the right place at the right time is all about seizing the opportunities that confront you. Now is an amazing time to move abroad as companies are going through great change and they need top talent to be able to actively be involved in the changes up ahead. With the new standard IFRS 17 being prepared for, digital transformation underway in firms, and regional regulatory changes in around the world; the opportunity to become an expert is huge right now. Whether you’re interested in emerging markets, tax reforms, cyber security implementation, or the nuances of doing business in a post Brexit era; you’ll have the upper edge in a competitive job market.

‘For me that my transition was smooth because I knew what to expect. With respect to the role, my company provided me with information about the scope of work, and what kind of clients to expect because tax advisory services can be very broad in this country. So, they prepared me well. Now because our clients are mostly specialized in certain areas, I’m more informed about the activities in this industry, how the commercial side works, and I’ve improved my skills in these areas.’

From Azerbaijan to Qatar, we helped Farid secure a fantastic job with a Big Four. This is not Farid’s first time abroad as he’d studied in the UK before, but he knew that moving abroad is the quickest route to progress in his career and become an expert in his field. Only six months into his role, he is now working alongside the government to implement the VAT roll-out that is currently underway in Middle East. He’s loving how safe life is in Qatar and the opportunities he’s had to improve his skills.


  1. Build up your global acumen – ‘Now I’m a New York minute person – everything is faster!’ – Esther

Not only do you have more opportunities to get out there and travel, but you’ll develop a stronger global mindset! You will be able to open your mind to new ways of doing things, understanding ideas, and taking in different customs as you explore and discover both the business world and what the country has to offer. The most valuable thing you’ll gain is open-mindedness and being able to think outside the box; as well as gaining an insider perspective to get an edge in your career.

‘In a big environment like here (in the US) it is constantly changing, and plenty more opportunities. When we have big clients, we travel to visit them, and for some of the training as well. I’ve been to San Francisco, LA, Salt Lake City, and South Carolina for work.’

The Big Apple – New York City awaits! For Esther, the move to the USA marked a breaking away from home to become the leader she is now. From her first role in the States with a Big Four firm that we assisted her with, Esther has gone on to become a leader at a global electrical company. The biggest highlight for her since her move has been the opportunity to travel both for business and leisure. Esther has seen herself grow both personally and professionally and in her own words she says she has definitely become a New York minute person since going abroad, and she’s thrived in a fast-paced environment to achieve her goals.


  1. Improve your communication skills – ‘The idea of living and working abroad came when I started learning English.’ – Bruno

Thriving in a new country pushes you to speak and do like the locals do. It’s a great way to improve your language skills, or learn a new language, all the while integrating yourself with the culture and way of life. You will develop capabilities in being much more articulate to be clearly understood by your colleagues and friends. Naturally, you’ll find yourself fitting in with a social circle and trying out new things that you could not do back home, take for example kite-surfing, sandboarding, or simply getting lost in the history of a new place. The experience of living abroad is always interesting and personally enriching. And these steps in the journey will add to improving your communications skills and dealing with new situations with resilience.

‘My English skills are in good progress and I’m exposed to different business and leadership situations that make me feel more confident as time goes on. I got my diver certification last month, have been snorkelling on weekends, and learning to surf is the next thing on bucket list while in Barbados!’

It had been Bruno’s dream to move abroad since he was a kid. From working in a busy and hectic life in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Bruno is enjoying his laid-back island life in the Caribbean Island of Barbados. Bruno is soaking up the opportunity to live in this dream location, but it’s truly improving his English-speaking skills that he’s grateful for most.


  1. Expanding your Global Network – ‘And that’s how I became the chief executive of a national airline!’ – Don

We’re living in a highly interconnected world already, and with social media it makes it easier to find the right people to connect with. But in today’s age, face-to-face interactions and building relationships holds more weight than ever. If you’re from a small town, then going global will really boost your network of contacts to accelerate your career; and if you’re from a large city then moving abroad will really propel you forward on an international level. Nurturing the right relationships improves your prospects as well as creating long-lasting friendships along the way.

‘About eighteen months into my two-year contract I was doing an insolvency review on Zambian Airways and found it had some problems. Three months later the chairman of the airline joked with me and said, ‘why don’t you try running it?’ and that’s how I became the chief executive of a national airline!’

Could you imagine being an accountant one day and then the CEO of a national airline the next? Moving straight to the top is exactly what happened to Don when he left his role in Scotland to live in Lusaka, Zambia. We helped Don score a role with a Big Four in the capital of Zambia. Don had formed great relationship with the chairman of the airline that he was trusted to take on the highest role in the leadership team. In the next four years he turned it around from making a loss to making a profit. It just goes to show that the sometimes it’s about who you know that will push you forward to achieving your highest potential.


There have been many stories like these over the years where we have assisted people with their international move, and the majority of these professionals have been able to springboard up two, three, and sometimes four steps up the career ladder.


Life is an adventure, go out and live it!


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