Abigail caught up with Stan, who we had assisted to secure a career move to Melbourne.  He had previously worked for Big Four firms and in the last 5 years he had been working for a medium tier firm in Singapore.  When Stan approached Think Global Recruitment he had been keen to make a move to Melbourne, where he had recently got married and his husband had already moved there. He felt a move to live and work in Melbourne would not only be great from a personal prospective, but would enhance his career. He was delighted when he secured a great Manager position and the firm assisted him to make the move to Melbourne.


“Colleagues are very helpful and friendly”.  

His first challenge was to get used to working for a Big Four firm again and the methodology, whilst managing others.  He said this has been made easier because ‘colleagues are very helpful and friendly”.  The very first week when he joined he was sent to Perth for induction training and has had further training and regular updates since.  ‘’I am really grateful training has been provided so we are consistent with peers.  They do not overload you and provide sufficient training making sure you can manage things well. The audit Partner is very supportive and hands on.’’    Stan said his previous Big Four Audit Manager experience has helped.  He has been doing well and getting good feedback


Stan also have been allocated a counselor to assist him with his career development.  The counselor has given him good advice as to how he can add value and contribute to EY more.  In turn he has been appointed as a counselor to other new joiners.  Stan was scheduled to travel with work to the US and Thailand, this has been put on hold because of Covid 19, but he hopes he will still get to go in the future as he loves travel.


He feels that re-joining a Big Four firm will assist his long term career prospects.  He is he is motivated to climb all the way up to Audit Partner.  ‘’Joining a big company is always a good move and there are lots of different service lines here so you can get different experience”.  He hopes in the future to be able to work on technology projects that will allow the firm to be more efficient.


“It is good to know about the culture before moving”. 

When asked if he has any advice for others making a similar move to himself he said “It is good to know about the culture before moving.  I had traveled here but did not know the working environment and what to expect. As Asians we don’t ask a lot of questions and they encourage this.”  One difference he highlighted, which is positive, is that you get a lot more feedback on your work.  ‘’Things you do are valued here. People appreciate your effort.  They listen to you.  The firm prioritises people and they do not worry about nationality, age, gender or anything else, everyone is treated as an equal.”

“My husband and I talk from time to time about how grateful we are to be in Melbourne.”

Prior to lock down Stan took up badminton and some outdoor activities, including running.  People are friendly and into sports and it makes me you feel you should be part of it.  He also gets to socialise with colleagues. The firm has a social club and they organise drinks or food events on every quarterly.  He said there are lots of parks to visit. Places to picnic and he enjoys BBQs.  The weather is fantastic.   Stan said “My husband and I talk from time to time about how grateful we are to be in Melbourne.  We will be applying for permanent residency.’’ When asked what he likes most about being in Australia he said “Being with my husband and recognised as a family.  It feels good to tell people he is my Partner, which was difficult to do in Asia”.  He is very happy to have made the move, to have been taken on by his firm as a manager and to be living in Melbourne.


We are delighted Stan is enjoying Melbourne and wish Stan and his Husband all the best in their new life in Melbourne and career.