Craig’s Story – From Scotland to Sydney – Overseas Accountancy Jobs


Craig on a boat
Think Global Recruitment assisted Craig in making a move from Scotland to PKF in Sydney, which a few years ago merged with the BDO network. In just 7 years Craig worked his way up from Audit Senior to Partner and remains with the firm, 13 years on.   Last month he sat down with our Managing Director to tell us about his story.

Sydney the multinational city

“I was really surprised at how international Sydney was when I arrived. Coming from Central Scotland, the diversity of the people was definitely eye opening but in a good way. There were people from South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK and Europe. The blend of cultures really broadened your personal outlook on life.”

Sporty lifestyle

“Due to its sporty lifestyle, Sydney has always been buzzing with activities and events to partake in. I managed to do a few triathlons in the last couple of years, something I don’t think I would have done in Scotland. There’s a big focus on keeping fit and healthy which is really good for your own personal motivation.”

Workplace differences

“In the workplace, they definitely work harder than I first expected. It’s not somewhere where you go and work for a couple of hours and then sit on the grass watching cricket and drinking beer. However, compared to the UK it does feel more relaxed, having a greater focus on a more flexible working lifestyle. There’s a team mindset rather than a hierarchical one, allowing you to interact easily with Partners and Senior Management. Most importantly, you have a real sense that people listen to your ideas and what you have to say. These points are pretty important when considering your own career progression. Overall, there is definitely a culture that if you work hard and perform well that you will be rewarded and can progress quickly.”

Working with PKF/BDO

“Having worked for PKF, which is now BDO, for a number of years I’ve managed to wear a couple of different hats. I’ve audited public multinationals, large international groups and privately owned entities. I’ve been involved with industries such as media and entertainment, high street retail, wholesale product distribution and funds management. Last year, I was appointed Partner in charge of People and Culture for BDO Sydney and Melbourne. I really enjoy working with people which are great because I manage a team of 85 at the minute, handling client portfolios worth up to £2million.”

Overall Experience

“Altogether, moving here has been a great opportunity and I would recommend anyone to try it. There are lots of opportunities to learn new things and it’s a good place to bring up kids. I’ve been here so long I’ve now got my own passport, but the locals still struggle with my accent!”

We would like to thank Craig for taking the time to share his story with us. 


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