Nassim’s Story – London to New York – Overseas Accountancy Jobs

New York

One of our colleagues got in touch with Nassim who Think Global Recruitment assisted in her move back in 2003.  Nassim, originally from London, moved over to New York and has now returned to the Big Smoke where she has made Partner (Head of Valuation Control Group) at PwC!  Here’s what Nassim said when we caught up with her.

Why did you originally move overseas?

“I was a junior at the time, 25 years old and had just qualified with my ACCA at Deloitte in London.  I wanted to have international experience, learn as much as I could and join my sister over in New York.”

Did you have any concerns with moving overseas?

“Yes, I was young and naive.  I had established bonds at home, I was worried about leaving relationships – my family and friends.”

When you arrived in your location, how long did it take to settle?

“At first, I struggled with the clash of ideas, I had a volatile six months where there were ups and downs and I didn’t really feel like I fitted in.  However, after that passed, I felt a sense of belonging.”

What was the biggest benefit of moving?

“I met my husband!  I loved PwC and I would not be in the position I currently hold in London without the experience.”

Did your move meet your original expectations and how?

“My expectations were surpassed.  I loved New York and PwC.  There was a strong internal network and once I was part of that, people believed in me, it was exciting to be trusted.”

Did you feel that your move improved your standard of living?

“Yes, there and subsequently.  I do not think my career would have been nearly as successful without my time in New York.”

What were the highlights of your location?

“I loved the city, the people, and the “work hard -play hard” attitude.  My firm was an amazing place to work.”

What cultural differences did you notice?

“Similar to London but they worked harder, longer and then socialised hugely.  It was a very mixed cultural team, less old school hierarchy than London.”

When and why did you leave New York?

“I was there for seven years and it was a very difficult decision to come back to London but I wanted to be near my elderly parents.  I had built up a strong network in New York and was concerned at the prospect of building up another one in London.”

What, in your opinion, are the advantages of working overseas?

“Experiencing a different culture is invaluable, makes for well-rounded people, increased business acumen, I would not be as good at my job without my time in New York.  For someone who is driven and ambitious – working abroad is now part of who I am.  I am a better Partner because of my ability to understand cultural differences which have given me insight and different views.”

What advice would you offer to other accountants who are thinking about working overseas?

“Absolutely no hesitation in advising anyone driven enough and with enough support from family and friends to make an international move.  An international move gives an adrenalin rush and a real buzz of learning and being challenged.”

How did Think Global Recruitment assist you in securing your job overseas?

“A friend of mine recommended Think Global Recruitment to me, I knew exactly where I wanted to be and which firm I wanted to work for – Think Global Recruitment got me everything I was looking for.”

What are the advantages of applying for a job through Think Global Recruitment?

“They have a network of contacts with the best employers, excellent screening and interview preparation and support all the way through the process.”

Do you believe the original move that you made with Think Global Recruitment has enhanced your career?

“I categorically know, I would not have the role I have today and would not be as good at it without Think Global Recruitment and my time in New York.”

Nassim has done an incredible job getting where she is today. All of us here at Think Global Recruitment would like to wish her the best of luck in the future.

Please get in touch with us here if you would like to discuss moving overseas with one of our advisors.