From Jordan to Australia, a mid tier firm to Big Four and now Permanent Residency

In 2013, Sameh moved from his home country Jordan to finish his degree in Australia. After working in a mid-tier firm for 3 years, Sameh contacted Think Global Recruitment to help him take a career leap into a more senior role at a Big Four accountancy firm in Melbourne. He has now been with the firm for 2 years and has achieved two promotions in this time, whilst enjoying everything that comes with Aussie life! We caught up with Sameh to discuss his new life in Australia.


What made you decide to make an international move, and have you achieved that?

Initially, I came to Australia to study and finished my degree which got me into a decent firm where I gained my CA and learnt professional skills. With the help of Think Global Recruitment I then moved to a Big Four firm. I am still enjoying life in Melbourne!


Best thing having joined your current firm?

The people! I am working with highly skilled and intelligent people who are really good to learn from and work with. The team is very multicultural and there are people from all over the world. I have also particularly enjoyed the support my firm have provided. The managers and senior managers are very supportive and there are heaps of support channels.


The company are genuinely interested in well being and can provide any help you need, either personal or professional.

I also have enjoyed working with my clients, the learning opportunities, interesting assignments and the challenging tasks and the firm’s positive culture.


What do you love most about the move and the location? Have you taken up any new hobbies or interests?

 Melbourne has everything to offer. The firm provides interesting events all year round including firm wide events.

Prior to lock down, it has also allowed me to travel to Thailand, Bali and the rest of Australia including Gold Coast (where I learned how to surf) and Sydney , but Melbourne is the best city!


What clients have you been working with?

My main clients operate within Cinemas and movie distribution, consumer products and healthcare.

The internal resourcing team are good at helping me find the right clients I want to work with in terms of industry and size.


How has your career developed and what support did you receive toward this?

 I have received a lot of training each year. Training topics include audit quality, audit standards, accounting standards, digital audit techniques and other topics.

Throughout the feedback process you discuss development points and areas with strength  with your direct report.


Do you feel a move to a Big Four firm will help your long term career?

I believe the move to a Big Four firm will absolutely help both my long and short-term career goals as the experience is almost always better than other firms.  Other colleagues have also done well, getting progressed and some moved into Banks, retail, hospitality etc. It opens up career opportunities.


How have you found Think Global Recruitment’s assistance?

Great! My experience with your company was very positive. You have been communicative by sending regular emails and updates and have provided realistic expectations. You and your team have been great with that and were on top of everything. It has been highly appreciated. thank you. Keep doing what you are doing!


What would you say to someone looking to make a similar move?

Go for it! Just do it! It’s a good experience and I am with a good international firm with a great environment. This is a great place  for anyone looking for career development.

 We are really excited for Sameh and his wife and what a future in Australia holds for them. Wishing them all the best!