Robert’s Story: From Jamaica to Jersey – A Journey Of Career And Lifestyle Transformation




An Uplifting Tale of Embracing Change and Finding Success

Moving overseas is often seen as a bold step, but for accountants like Robert, who was placed by Think Global Recruitment in Jersey, it’s a step that has led to an enriching life and a flourishing career. In this interview, we delve into Robert‘s inspiring journey, which has seen him transition from the insurance industry back to a CA firm, all while soaking up the vibrant culture and lifestyle that Jersey has to offer.


Thriving at RSM in Jersey: A Unique and Rewarding Experience

When asked about his experience working at his new firm in Jersey, Robert couldn’t be more positive. While some might consider Jersey’s weather to be a bit unpredictable, Robert sees it as a minor detail in an otherwise fulfilling experience. At his medium-tier firm, he has found a work environment that is both dynamic and rewarding. The smaller project sizes mean quicker turnovers, allowing him to continually evolve his skill set and stay engaged in his work.


A Seamless Transition Back to a CA Firm: A Journey of Professional Growth

Before relocating to Jersey, Robert was employed in the insurance industry. However, he always felt a pull towards audit, which offered him the flexibility and learning opportunities he craved. Since joining the firm, Robert has been able to delve into new facets of his profession, taking on a variety of exciting challenges that have contributed to his professional growth.


A Smooth Visa Process and Relocation: The Start of a New Chapter

Robert found the visa application process to be straightforward, thanks to his spousal visa. While any major move can have its hectic moments, Robert emphasized that the initial settling-in period was the most challenging but also the most rewarding. He found a cozy one-bedroom flat near his office, making his daily commute a pleasant walk and allowing him to familiarize himself with his new city effortlessly.


Life in Jersey: A Community of Warmth and Friendship

One of the most delightful aspects of Robert‘s move has been the sense of community he’s found in Jersey. Not only is there a Jamaican community that offers a touch of home, but he’s also built strong relationships with his colleagues. Together, they’ve enjoyed team-building events, outings, and even charity work. Jersey’s strategic location near London and France adds an extra layer of excitement, offering endless possibilities for weekend getaways.

The Best of Both Worlds: Safety and Community

When asked about the best part of his move, Robert was quick to highlight the lifestyle and the genuine kindness of the people in Jersey.He appreciates the sense of safety and community he’s found. At his firm, he feels like he’s part of a close-knit work family, which he sees as one of the many benefits of working at a smaller firm.


Tyson, the Recruiter: More Than Just a Job Facilitator

Robert had nothing but praise for Tyson, the recruiter who guided him through his transition to Jersey. Tyson was more than just a recruiter; he was a supportive friend who was always there to answer questions and share conversations on mutual interests like football and the stock market.


Final Words: Embrace the Opportunity for a Rewarding Life

In conclusion, Robert encourages anyone considering a similar move to embrace the opportunity wholeheartedly. While the initial phase may bring challenges like homesickness, the long-term rewards of personal and professional growth are immeasurable.


So, if you’re an accountant contemplating a move overseas, let Robert‘s uplifting story serve as a testament to the boundless opportunities that await you in Jersey. The island may have its quirks, but it’s a land teeming with possibilities for those brave enough to take the plunge.