Jordan’s Story – From a hectic life in Chicago to a happy life in the Netherlands – Overseas Accountancy Jobs

Last year, Think Global Recruitment assisted Jordan in securing a role in the Netherlands with a Big Four Firm. We recently got in touch with him to tell us more about his new life.


Jordan began his career in Chicago, USA but now lives and works in the sunny Netherlands as an Audit Senior, living in the multicultural capital Amsterdam and making the daily commute to his job in Zwolle.

“I was driven by the opportunity for international exposure, especially with the Big 4 in Europe. I wanted a better work life/balance than I had in Chicago and wanted the challenge of working in a new continent.”

At first, Jordan felt concerned about how his wife would feel in their new home and how long it would take for both of them to settle in, these fears quickly dissipated by the warm welcome they received when they moved in.

“Once my wife arrived, everything fell into place. I’m really enjoying life in Europe and I think everyone should make the move. My firm is fantastic, I am busy but feel motivated and happy in my new role. I feel like the move is all I could have hoped for.”

Life in Holland

Jordan is making use of Holland’s central location by taking advantage of the travel opportunities having spent the New Year in Italy and visiting other cities that are near to his home in Amsterdam. With a notably improved work/life balance, this has freed him up to make the most of his surroundings in central Europe and is enjoying his new sunnier climate.

So what does Jordan think about the people in his new found continent?

“Europe feels much more culturally diverse than the USA. People are much more tolerant and welcoming here”.

Working overseas

“I have advised all of my colleagues and work mates in Chicago to spend time working abroad as it improves their CVs and they can grow as people. Learning new methodologies and ways of working are just some of the advantages gained from an international move as well as exposure to different cultures and languages.”

Our Service

“My consultant really listened to me and my wishes. He understood what I was looking for in my international move and really guided me through the process. He gave me lots of time and information so that I could make an informed decision. Think Global Recruitment gave me honest advice, helpful interview preparation and an impressive list of potential roles. Clearly, you have well-connected consultants with lots of industry knowledge.

This move definitely helped to enhance my career, allowing for the opportunity for me demonstrate my adaptability and willingness to challenge myself.”


We wish Jordan and his wife all the best with their new life in the Netherlands!

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