Franklin: From Ghana to London – An Accountant’s International Journey

Moving internationally for a career opportunity is a challenging, but rewarding experience. For accountants like Franklin, who relocated from a medium-tier accountancy firm in Ghana to another medium-tier firm in London as an Audit Manager, the journey was filled with excitement, challenges, and new beginnings. In this article, we will delve into Franklin’s inspiring story, sharing insights and advice for accountants considering a similar international move.

The Beginning of a New Chapter:

Franklin’s journey began in May 2023 when he started his role in London. This move was facilitated by Maxine, at Think Global Recruitment who recognized the potential in Franklin and connected him with the right opportunity in the UK.









Settling In:

Franklin’s first few months were a mix of adapting to a new work environment and settling into life in the UK. He was impressed by the warmth and friendliness of his new colleagues and was assigned a mentor to help him acclimate to the firm. Coming from a background of mainly mining clients, Franklin found the diversity of clients, including those in the health sector and technology, to be a refreshing change.

Transitioning from Big Four:

When asked about his transition from a Big Four firm in Ghana to a medium-tier firm in London, Franklin emphasized his desire for a less stressful work environment. He found his new firm to be quieter compared to the Big Four, offering a more balanced work-life experience. As the busy season approaches, Franklin is gearing up for an increased workload but feels confident in the supportive work culture.

Digital Era:

Franklin also noted that his new firm utilises electronic reporting and encourages remote work, giving employees the flexibility they need. While some accountants prefer working from home, Franklin found value in coming to the office, which helped him connect with colleagues and maintain a routine.

Life Outside of Work:

Franklin’s life outside of work was equally fulfilling. He enjoyed Saturday mornings with friends from Ghana, played football, frequented the gym, and explored London’s parks. Having family and friends in the city created a sense of community. His office also had colleagues from diverse backgrounds, hailing from Bangladesh, Kenya, New Zealand, Australia and other locations.

Accommodation and Commute:

Franklin secured a one-bedroom flat conveniently located 30 minutes away from the office by train. The station was right next to his workplace, making his daily commute hassle-free. He shared details about his monthly expenses, including utilities and council tax, which amounted to a manageable budget.

Exploring Beyond London:

While he had already visited Kent and Birmingham for work, Franklin had plans to explore more of the UK in the coming year, with trips to Edinburgh and Glasgow on the horizon.


The Best Thing About the Move:

Reflecting on his international move, Franklin highlighted the invaluable work experience he gained. He cherished the opportunity to work with more developed clients and processes, gaining exposure to a wider array of financial scenarios. Access to efficient transportation in London was also a major plus for him.


Challenges Along the Way:

Franklin’s biggest challenge was finding suitable long-term accommodation due to the lack of a UK credit history. He temporarily stayed with a friend and in an Airbnb before securing his permanent housing.

Advice for Accountants Considering an International Move:

Franklin’s advice to fellow accountants was clear: “Make the move!” He encouraged others to take the opportunity, highlighting the benefits of international exposure and personal growth. He also mentioned that Maxine’s recruitment agency provided excellent support throughout the process.

Maxine’s Service:

Franklin expressed his appreciation for Maxine’s assistance in securing his international career move. He commended her professionalism and the value she brought to the process.


Franklin’s journey from Ghana to London as an Audit Manager offers a glimpse into the possibilities that await accountants willing to embark on international adventures. His positive experience in a medium-tier accountancy firm showcases the importance of finding the right fit, both professionally and personally. With the right support and the courage to make the move, accountants can look forward to a bright future filled with new experiences and opportunities for growth.