Amy’s Story: From Dublin to Bermuda – Overseas Accountancy Careers

Girl on Beach

Last year, Amy attended one of Think Global Recruitment’s Worldwide Presentation & Drinks Evenings in Dublin.  Nearly a year later she is living the dream in the tropical paradise – Bermuda!

We spoke to Amy last week to find out how she is getting on…

Why did you originally decide to move overseas?

“I wanted a change, I wanted to get out of Dublin and leave home – I don’t think it would have happened otherwise!”

Did you have any concerns with moving overseas?

“Yeah, going alone and being by myself, Bermuda is so far away from home.  I originally wanted to move to London so that I could fly home easily but Bermuda is really great.  My first day was a bank holiday which I spent on a boat.  There are so many ex-pats and everyone is so welcoming and friendly!”

When you arrived at your location, how long did it take you to settle in?

“It was really quick.  I was lucky enough to find my house within two weeks and I think once you have found your house, you are settled.  I managed to get my driving test done in the first month too.”


Did you have any expectations and do you think the move has met them?

“Well not really.  I didn’t plan to go to Bermuda!  I was open to anything but yeah, it has absolutely exceeded them!”

What has been the biggest benefit of moving? 

“There’s no commute – I live a five-minute walk from my work.  The island is completely different to any city.  It’s so small and laid back.  The weather too, the weather is amazing!”

What are the highlights of your location?

“Definitely spending a lot of time on boats!  Spending the weekends drinking and floating on boats!”

Are there any cultural differences?   

“There’s nothing really that different…  There are so many ex-pats here that everything is kind of geared towards them.  No, I don’t think there really is anything that stands out as different.”

What advice would you offer to accountants who are thinking about working overseas?

“Just do it!  Don’t think about it, just be brave and everything will fall into place.”

How did Think Global Recruitment assist you in securing your job overseas?

“You have the best contacts and jobs, I had no intentions of moving to Bermuda before my consultant told me about the opportunities there. You were really helpful all the way through the recruitment process.”


We would like to thank Amy for sharing her story with us and wish her the best of luck in her new home. Please get in touch with us here if you would like to discuss moving overseas with one of our advisors.