Discovering the Charms of Luxembourg:  An Interview with Ali who had made Luxembourg his permanent home 

Ali, an Audit Manager in Luxembourg, has had quite the journey in his accounting career. From training with a Big Four firm in Pakistan to working in the Cayman Islands, Ali has now found his forever home in Luxembourg. Think Global Recruitment assisted Ali in securing his role just over a year ago, and he couldn’t be happier. We sat down with Ali to discuss his experiences, the challenges he faced, and why Luxembourg is the perfect place for accountants with families considering an international move.  


A Global Melting Pot:

One of the most intriguing aspects of life in Luxembourg is its diverse population. Ali emphasizes that people from all corners of the globe reside here, creating a vibrant and multicultural environment. Different languages are spoken, adding to the cosmopolitan charm of the city.


Family-Friendly Benefits:

Ali’s experience is not just about his career; it’s also about his family. He became a father in December and points out that Luxembourg offers numerous benefits for families. The government support, safe neighborhoods, and the opportunity for his wife to work on a sponsored visa have made it an ideal place for his family to settle in.


Exploring Europe with Ease:

One of the standout advantages of living in Luxembourg is its central location in Europe. Ali enthuses about the ease of travel to neighboring countries, making it a fantastic base for exploring Europe. With numerous countries just a stone’s throw away, the possibilities for weekend getaways and adventures are endless.


Navigating the Job Transition:

Ali’s career in Luxembourg revolves around his work at the firm he has joined. Although he acknowledges that the transition to a new country and firm was initially challenging, he quickly adapted. It took approximately four months for him to find his rhythm.  He found the people at his work to be friendly, competent, and supportive.


The Induction Process:

Ali commends the induction process at the firm, emphasizing the guidance and teaching he received during his initial months. Given that French is the primary language in Luxembourg, he acknowledges that not knowing the language can be a barrier, but his colleagues’ support helped bridge that gap.


Engaging with Clients:

Ali’s clients mostly hail from Europe, and he appreciates the opportunity to meet and interact with them personally since many visit or reside in Luxembourg. Putting a face to a name has strengthened his client relationships and added a personal touch to his work.


A Comfortable Home:

Ali candidly admits that the early months of his relocation to Luxembourg were challenging. He had to reside in a small studio apartment due to a trial contract, but despite the initial difficulties, Ali remained optimistic.

Ali’s accommodation in Luxembourg has improved significantly since his initial stay. He and his wife choose to buy their own home and now resides in a comfortable three-bedroom house, with a mortgage he finds manageable. The transition to better living conditions reflects the positive changes in his life since moving to Luxembourg.

The Best Things About Luxembourg:

When asked about the best aspects of Luxembourg, Ali unequivocally points to its multicultural environment. He highlights that the public transport in Luxembourg is not only efficient but also free, making it convenient for newcomers to explore the city.

The diverse community, coupled with the ease of travel and strong family support, makes it a paradise for individuals seeking a fresh start.

A Friendly Work Environment:

Ali’s experience at his firm has been overwhelmingly positive. He describes his colleagues as approachable, friendly, and less formal, fostering a pleasant and collaborative work atmosphere.  Ali moved from a Big Four firm to a Medium Tier Practice in Luxembourg.  He had hoped for a better work/life balance and confirmed that the busy season was a lot better than the last few years with his previous firm.  He also commented on the improved promotion opportunities in his new firm.


Maxine: A Mentor and Guide:

Ali acknowledges the crucial role played by Maxine, who assisted him throughout his transition. He describes her as wonderful, detail-oriented, and always available to provide guidance. Maxine’s support made his integration into the role in Luxembourg smoother and more enjoyable.


Advice for Aspiring Expats:

To those contemplating a move, Ali offers practical advice. He recommends reaching out to friends or acquaintances already living in the new country, if possible, to gain insights and guidance. Additionally, Ali suggests that individuals consider relocating without their families initially, allowing them to establish themselves before bringing loved ones along.



Ali’s story is a testament to the opportunities that await accountants and professionals in Luxembourg. Despite the initial challenges, his positive experiences with the multicultural environment, family-friendly benefits, and welcoming workplace demonstrate the potential for a rewarding life and career in this vibrant European nation. For accountants seeking adventure and professional growth, Luxembourg truly stands out as a promising destination.