Amy & Adam’s Story – From Leeds to Darwin – Overseas Accountancy Jobs

Amy and Adam Hearing about couples making their dream move abroad to start an exciting new life together is always fantastic for us to hear about. We helped Amy and Adam, two accountants, move from Leeds to Darwin a year ago. Our Managing Director recently caught up with them to find out how they’ve been settling in.

Trying new things

Both have fully embraced their new home soaking up the sporty culture by joining the local ‘soccer’ (as they call it!) team.  Amy only starting to play after moving there having been instantly attracted to the chilled out Australian way of life spending time playing a few games of soccer and having a few beers. They’ve both taken full advantage of the great sporting scene by learning to play basketball too.

What about social circles?

Arriving together to a new country as a couple means you’re not going to be alone, but it’s easier to get by with a little help from friends so how did Amy and Adam find it?

“It was really easy due to the huge numbers of expats, you’re all in the same boat, settling into a new culture”.

As well as meeting people through work and making use of the wide range of activities and extracurriculars on offer, they have also been indulging in the world renowned social Ozzy BBQ.

On the path to success

“Australia’s transient society, allows more opportunities for career progression which is great and being given TOIL (time off in lieu) means you have time to explore the country. The firm is very generous especially when you hit your targets and that extra cash comes in handy for planning visits home”.

How does the future look?

Both are happily based in their company and in the next two years will be able to get permanent residency. Before too long they can become fully integrated into their new found home.

Surely there must there must be some downsides…

“Accommodation might cost a bit more but people in general are less materialistic so you can adjust to make those changes”.

They miss the traditional English pubs and log fires. Christmas being warm doesn’t go down too well either, but they can always take full use of the time off in lieu and bonuses to jet back home for a white Christmas.


Amy and Adam seem to have found their feet in Darwin. It definitely sounds like they have made a great decision by moving. We would like to wish them all the best for their future in Darwin.

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