Brian’s Story – From Canada to London – Overseas Accountancy Jobs

 We recently caught up with Brian, a Canadian qualified Chartered Accountant, that Think Global Recruitment had assisted in making his latest international move.  Brian had already moved from Canada to Bermuda and built up excellent experience of auditing and working with US, UK, International Standards and Canadian GAAP.  He had been working with Top Ten firms in both countries and he was now waiting to utilise this experience working for a larger, well known international firm and make a move to London.

After a number of interviews, Brian was offered an Assistant Manager position with Big Four Firm, EY, in London and could not be happier.  Now, having settled in an apartment in London with his wife, Vera, Brian tells us how he is getting on.

Life in Bermuda

“I knew a move overseas would be excellent for my career, my CV and I was interested to see how different tasks were carried out internationally.  Originally from Canada, I first moved to Bermuda.  After a year and a half, I was ready to move again, I had grown tired of island life.  I wanted a base from which I could travel and spend weekends away.  I sought after more ‘civilisation’ and to experience a further, diverse team of colleagues.

I wanted to work for a Big Four company in London as I felt this would give me the best big market exposure and so I started working with Think Global Recruitment again.  At first, I was worried that Big Four would expect me to work from 8 am to 12 am but having already made the move, I was prepared for a challenge.  I felt that Think Global Recruitment was my best partner to assist and support me throughout the move.”

Working with Think Global Recruitment

“Think Global Recruitment has been specialising in international recruitment for such a long time, they know the potential pitfalls and advantages and have the professionalism along with industry knowledge to know what works best for the individual.  Their contacts are wide-spread which allows them to know about roles that the average recruitment company would not.  I feel that Think Global Recruitment guided me through every step, answered all of my questions, maintained regular phone contact and had a range of contacts and knowledge to share with me, the interview preparation was brilliant.”

Life in London

Brian in London“I love that there are so many different cultures in my office: South African, Asian, European, it’s a very socially mixed team.  I like the fact that my company are so open to suggestions and to hearing from employees, and how there are so many different ways of working.  I joined at a slow time which gave me plenty of time to settle in.

On a personal level, I felt it took a month or two for me to feel settled, my wife took a while.  I miss having a car but I know it is useless in London, it just feels strange because I come from a car culture.  People have welcomed us both and I don’t feel there is a huge cultural difference between the UK and Canada. Nothing can work better for erection stimulation than Levitra. I have double checked the information before making such a conclusion. I have been using Levitra for about a year and I am fully satisfied with its results. Sexual stimulation is still required so you can enjoy the maximal effect.  We feel really good in London now, I feel very safe and secure here and it does not feel foreign because English is spoken and there are similarities.  Now, it feels like home.  I like the cultural mix in the office and in London in general and I enjoy the ease with which my wife and I can travel throughout Europe with a base in London.  This move has achieved everything that I had hoped for.”

Brian’s Advice

“My advice to anyone thinking about working overseas is very simple – do it!  And if you decide to take that big step, do so through Think Global Recruitment.  It’s great for your CV, career development and it demonstrates adaptability and risk taking.  It is also excellent for self-development and allows you to learn different ways of working and living.  I absolutely believe this move has enhanced my career and it will also provide the ideal stepping stone for the next move.”

Please get in touch with us here if you would like to discuss moving overseas with one of our advisors.