We caught up with Luis who moved from Brazil to a Big Four firm in Ireland 

Luis is currently working from home due to Covid 19 and adjusting to doing this.   It was his birthday last month so he even had his birthday party on line.  The firm have been very supportive during lockdown.  The Managing Partner sends weekly messages to teams and there are many team calls.  The firm encourage people to connect through meetings.  Unlike some other firms, they have not been asked for change their hours or pay as a result of Covid 19 lock down.


 ‘’The firm encourages more of a balance between work and social life’’

Luis has been auditing a very two large Insurance Companies and also a  large Aircraft Leasing Company, he also worked with asset management clients. It has been a nice balance in his portfolio.   As it is outside of busy season, Luis has been selected to work on a project for an international brand named plc, to support this client during Covid 19, which he is really enjoying and he feels the mix of work will improve his international career prospects.  Although Luis puts in more time during busy season than other times of the year, he said ‘’It is much better than when he was back home and he never works weekends. The firm encourages more of a balance between work and social life’’


His expectations have been exceeded in terms of personal development

In hind sight, he says that before he made the move he didn’t fully know what to expect.  He had hoped to develop professionally and personally.  His expectations have been exceeded in this area.  Education, development, systems and training are very good.   In the beginning there was lots to learn.  The different way the firms do things, the country. Language.  They started by giving him small projects and step by step built on these.  He is involved in IFRS 17 projects and was chosen to be specialist in sampling.


He has already been challenged by being asked to present to a group of 40 people, in English, which is not his first language.  This went well and Luis received good feedback.  When asked if he thinks he will have long term career progression in his new role Luis said ‘’ Yes, we see expats being promoted. There are no restrictions.  Partners are from all over, including overseas Pakistan, Spain, Directors from Brazil etc.’’  There are 50 different nationalities working here.

‘’When I look back I made the right decision. The country is amazing and it feels like home.’’

Luis has settled into the Irish way, he said’ like many Irish people, he is a good customer to the pub and more familiar with the Irish way to do things.  He has countered this with continuing his running. Luis has visited Cork, Galway and Belfast as it is easy to get travel between the cities.  Luis said ‘’When I look back I made the right decision.  The country is amazing and it feels like home. People are very welcoming. There are lots of Brazilians here and there is a Brazilian market here.’’


Luis told us ‘’It was a quick process to get the job offer, however it was a long time to get the visa, but it was worth the wait.’’ However, he did say the biggest challenge was missing his family.  When you move abroad you start a new life from scratch.  I had several years experience in my last company.  When I decided to move to another company he had to start from the beginning.  He had no friends outside of work when he first arrived.  However, now he has lots of friends.  He said ‘’You need to be open to renew yourself’’ if you are thinking of making an international move.  It was between 6 to 8 months before he felt he was settled and Ireland is home.  Today, he said he ‘’this feels like this the place I have always have been.’’  The firm helped him with his accommodation for the first three months and he said Irish people are very friendly.  Immigrants are treated as equal.   They helped me to feel like you are no different to anyon

e else.  There are lots of social events to bring people together. Christmas Party. Management conference in Galway. Diners. Lots of different events to get everyone together.


‘There are so many great things about this move!’’

When we asked Luis what is the best thing about his move he replied with ‘There are so many great things about this move!  International career development. You start to create a worldwide network.  I have a network across the whole world.  I have built on the knowledge I already have.  You become better. You have better judgement on what is good practice and not.  I have learnt the local way to do things. You get to understand more about society. You can learn the differences between your country and theirs and learn theirs and bring new things from yours.  So many.’’

Luis clearly believes he made the right move and in September this year Luis will be able to apply for permanent residency.  We wish Luis all the best with this.