Airplanes May Be Grounded, That Doesn’t Mean Your international Career Has to Be

We are certainly in unprecedented times with estimates that at least 50% of the workforce are now working from home, in some form of isolation, others totally in isolation.  Many are juggling home schooling and the other challenges brought on by these times.  You may be one of many who have worked really hard to get to a point where you have the qualification, skills and experience to make an international career move and now you are seeing job vacancies disappear from web sites and can’t imagine how you can make an international move.  What now?


Firstly, do not panic.  Employers​ are pausing their hiring plans while they wait for the worst to pass.  They are also waiting to see how strong their business will come out of this and what the business will require from a recruitment point of view.  It should also be noted, that given the number of companies that have suffered from reduced business during this period and those that have already gone into insolvency, we can expect there to be less vacancies ‘at the other side’ as we come out of isolation.  However, on the upside, less vacancies does not mean no vacancies.  Companies will still be needing new staff, so how can you position yourself to stand out above those applying for these fewer vacancies?


Use these Times to Up-skill

Many providers have opened up online training for free, as a gift and to keep their brand in the forefront during these times.  There are a variety of educational webinars and other pre-recorded training sessions you can find online.   If you no longer have a commute to work, you may now have extra time to do these.  Those with the most skills will stand out and be first in line for promotions and receive good reviews, all things which make it easier to gain a new international move down the line.


Show your Employer you are a good Home Worker

This is your chance to shine out and show you can work with little guidance, autonomously and produce great results.  Show your boss, he or she, can rely on you and again you will be first in line for promotion and great reviews.  You can find some good tips here to help you be more efficient when working from home:


Check your Social Media Presence

If you do find you have time on your hands by not going out in the evening, check your social media presence.  If you are on LinkedIn you should make sure you come across as professionally as possible. Make sure your profile shows all the skills you have.   Ask to link with one or two specialist international recruiters for your area, who have a number of years experience and therefore some of the best contacts.  Don’t link with too many though, be choosy (Duplicated below?).  Also check what a future employer would see on the internet if they google you name.  Make sure there isn’t anything coming up on sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that you wouldn’t want them to see.  You can change privacy settings so you can choose who sees what.


Research, Where in the World would you like to Work?

Once the market picks up, there will once again be many locations out there on offer for accountants.  Think about the ones you are interested and what you want to get from a move.  Check this location really offers what is important to you.  Also check the cost of living and average salaries out.


Register with a Specialist Recruiter

Although they may not be advertising relevant jobs for you right now, the ideal role could come on at any minute.  We predict there will be more competition for these positions, so you want to get yourself in their first.  However, do not start registering with lots of agencies.  Select one to start with and speak to them and see what they have to say.  If they are specialists, have long term experience and have the right contacts then stick with the one.  It does not look good for your CV to have your application sent to a prospective employer through multiple sources.  The best recruiters will also tailor every application they make on your behalf and will help you prepare and practice for interviews.


We Are here for You

Think Global Recruitment will be 20 years old in July 2020.  We have seen 2 major recessions and are in a good position to be in the forefront, looking after our candidates, as the market changes.  We are always happy to hear from qualified accountants with good experience gained in an established market.  Please visit our website and if you do not see the pefect job for yourself, you can apply using this link: