Dianne’s Story: Moving to Australia

Are you an accountant looking to make an international move? Sydney, Australia might just be the perfect destination for you. Known for its thriving business landscape, stunning beaches, and a unique blend of city and island vibes, Sydney offers a work/life balance that accountants like Dianne have come to appreciate. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Dianne’s experience working with Think Global Recruitment and her transition from the Big Four to a medium-tier firm in Sydney. We’ll explore the benefits of working in Sydney, the differences between firms, and Dianne’s thoughts on living in this diverse and vibrant city.

From the Philippines to Sydney: Dianne’s Journey: Dianne Evangelista, a talented accountant, trained with a Big Four firm in the Philippines before pursuing her career in a medium-tier firm in the Caribbean. Seeking more fieldwork opportunities and expanding her international career, Dianne connected with Think Global Recruitment, who assisted her in securing a position in a medium-tier practice in Sydney. Think Global Recruitment specialises in helping accountants like Dianne make successful international moves, ensuring a smooth transition to their new roles and locations.

Sydney: The Perfect Work/Life Balance: One of the key attractions for accountants seeking a move to Sydney is the city’s reputation for providing a fantastic work/life balance. Dianne describes the balance as a blend of her experiences in the Bahamas and the Philippines. The Bahamas offered a laid-back lifestyle, prioritizing life over work, while the Philippines leaned towards work, work, work. In Sydney, Dianne found the perfect equilibrium, where her professional life thrives alongside opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment.

Big Four vs. Medium-Tier Firms: Transitioning from a Big Four firm to a medium-tier practice in Sydney brought about a different set of experiences for Dianne. While the Big Four offered comprehensive training materials and various benefits, the mid-tier firm provided a different kind of balance, the medium-tier firm is smaller and intimate, fostering close relationships with colleagues and partners. There firm offers training, and while the benefits of Big Four are still more competitive, the firm compensates with a flexible approach to overtime, secondment opportunities, etc. Dianne appreciated the listening culture within the firm, where opinions and suggestions were welcomed and considered for enhancing efficiency.

A Diverse Portfolio: Currently, Dianne enjoys a diverse portfolio, leveraging her expertise while expanding into new areas. Her mentors have encouraged her to explore different industries, including not-for-profit entities. This blend of assignments provides Dianne with a well-rounded experience, as each industry presents unique challenges and opportunities.

The Induction and Adjusting to Sydney: Dianne’s induction into her new role was unique as she started her job in the Firm remotely in Philippines while Sydney is still in border restriction due to pandemic. It involved learning the ropes while she was still overseas. While it had its challenges initially, the firm actively sought feedback and continuously improved its remote working processes.  Dianne appreciated the flexibility that came with working remotely but also embraced face-to-face interactions with her colleagues when she finally arrived in Sydney.

Embracing Sydney’s Vibrant Lifestyle: Arriving in Sydney was an exciting experience for Dianne. Meeting her colleagues in person and experiencing the city’s diverse demographics left a lasting impression. Sydney offers a perfect blend of city vibes and natural beauty, with its stunning beaches and picturesque parks. Dianne particularly enjoys swimming, taking advantage of the natural pools formed in rock formations along the coastline. Exploring the city’s vibrant culinary scene is also a favourite pastime for Dianne, although she acknowledges that dining out in Melbourne is cheaper compared to Sydney and the city’s diverse food offerings more than make up for it.

Advice for Accountants Considering an International Move: Reflecting on her journey and experience, Dianne offers advice to accountants contemplating an international move. For those seeking a work/life balance, Sydney stands out as an ideal destination. The city allows accountants to thrive professionally while enjoying a relaxed lifestyle, with opportunities to explore the city and its surrounding areas.