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OK, so, some blatant advertising below…However, I just didn’t want anyone to miss out on this.

Everyone know’s they have a strength at something and interview preparation is most certainly an area I receives excellent feedback on.  I thought I should share the extensive experience I have in this area.   If you sign up and do not feel you received value for money from this Webinar, please do let me know and I will refund your registration.

Happy to receive feedback after on this blog.
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 Interview Preparation for Career Progression(Video/Phone/Face to Face) 

Thursday 6 June 20137pm UK time 8pm Central European/South
African time

Abigail Stevens, Managing Director,
Think Global Recruitment

Fellow Recruitment and Employment Confederation

Interviewing can be nerve racking enough, but sometimes
the thought of doing it by phone or video conference can be even harder to get
your mind around. This valuable, not to be missed webinar will not only cover
the various types of interview techniques for face to face interviews, but also
tips on getting through a telephone or video interview.
When I feel slight anxiety, I take 2 mg Xanax, while the dose increases with anxiety.
Anyway, the medication promotes the desired effects and helps me stay afloat.
An individual dose is important, as it can be habit-forming.
The topic of discussion will be ‘Interview Preparation for Career Progression – Video/Phone/Face-to-Face’ and will be
delivered by Abigail Stevens who has around 20 years’ experience assisting
professionals secure roles throughout the globe.
This amazing opportunity will give professionals who are
interested in advancing their career, now or in the future, the opportunity to
find out what it is required of them during the interview process, providing
hints, tips and advise on potential stumbling blocks.
This webinar that could improve your life costs just £10
(c. 11.70 €)
to attend. To register and pay please follow this link:

allow us to tailor the presentation for the audience or if you have any
questions please contact Gordon Barclay
via email – or
telephone +44 131 260 5850.
look forward to registering you for this special event.  Please feel free to share this with others that would be interested in attending.
Abigail Stevens FRIP
Program Title
Interview Preparation for Career Progression (Video/Phone/Face to Face)
Presenter Biography
Abigail Stevens is professionally, exam and time qualified as a full member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). Having spent 8 years working in marketing, Abigail moved into the recruitment industry in 1996 and founded Think Global Recruitment in 2000. In the 18 years since Abigail has placed accountants at all levels, all over the world and has experience of living and working in Australia,England and Scotland. Throughout her career Abigail has traveled extensively conducting presentations and networking with global organizations and institutes and has presented to ICAS and ICAEW members as well as MBA University students, she has visited; UK, Ireland, Wales, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Holland, Spain, Prague, Poland, Boston, LA, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Grenada, Australia (lived 3 years), Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, New Zealand, Egypt, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, South Africa, Canada.
Program Summary
Together we will explore the full interview process and how to successfully secure that opportunity of your dreams.
We will cover not only generic tips, but specific techniques for the international interview process including telephone and video interviewing.  Interviewing can be nerve-wracking enough, but sometimes the thought of doing it by phone or video conference can be even harder to get your mind around.   This Webinar will leave you feeling confident and capable of carrying out the very best interview you can and allow you to put your questions to an expert in the field.