Unlike some locals, I absolutely LOVE Edinburgh Festival!  
I have had a great festival so far this year and thought I should share some of the highlights.   These are shows I would definitely recommend attending in the forthcoming last week.
Apologies to the venue for my snaps, not sure you wanted me to use my camera, but its all publicity after all!?
Velvet – The Famous Spiegletent, St Andrews Square
Bought to Edinburgh by the Australian Le Clique group, this show already had a high chance of being excellent.  I always love Le Clique performances and this one did not fail to impress. 

Marcia, the lead singer has an excellent voice.  She and the other two lovely female back up singers deliver many excellent songs, taking you back to Boogie Nights Disco Inferno era.
Costumes are glittery and glamorous, oh and in a couple of the acts risky and sexy.
The acrobatics are excellent and there is another surprise act in the show which I won’t give away.
The whole show has heaps of energy and is incredibly entertaining.   You’ll be dancing in the aisles by the end of it.  A must do if you haven’t already.. or even a must do again if you have.   I have been twice already.

Le Haggis, Assembly, George Square Gardens SpiegleTent.
Wow, wow, wow.   I have also been to this show twice.  It was that good!  
It is like Le Clique turned Scottish and put on speed. 
Although it starts a little slower, once it gets going the show is on fire!  The lead signer, this time Male, gives you the impression he has so much energy, he might even be a little crazy!    He stomps up and down the stage throughout the show with huge enthusiasm and confidence…  and why not, he has a cheeky smile, looks good top less in a kilt and in fact out of one…
The acrobatics are also really good.  It is nice to see one of the female artists dressed in feminine underwear rather than the black briefs and bra tops so many sport in other shows these days.  The male acrobat has a nice sexy number.. followed by a good tie in to Scotland (did you know Scotland is the only country in the world that has a soft drink that outsells Coke?)..
The Female singer has an amazing voice also.  The lovely back up ladies and gents complete a prefect band, delivering excellent music.  
On both nights I went the audience gave a standing ovation, which included everyone getting up to dance the last number.
Thanks to the crew of Le Haggis.
The Church of Malcolm, George Square Main Buildings
This was one of those pot luck shows we went to.  A few of us had time to kill, so went onto the app and found this gem in the half price Hut.  A shame to see it there, having now been.  It deserves to be a sell out. 
Malcolm tells his story as he sings excellent songs, with his son and another young man accompanying him, that remind me a little of the Beetles. 
Malcolm also has two guest acts in the performance, which adds a little variety to the hour that flew by.  He also invites the audience to join them on the stage at the end.  At least half the audience took him up on the offer, where the other half stood up and danced where they had been sitting.
The entire show is uplifting, it’s great fun and you will come out with a big smile on your face. 
Hendrick’s, 91 George Street, by the Famous Grouse pop up bar.
I had no idea what to expect, which I think partly accounts for the fact I loved it so much, not just the generous shares of gin. 
I don’t want to give too much away in this review so that I don’t spoil it for others.  I can share that you will be taken on a magical tour that will explore all senses.  
The rooms are decorated perfectly to help you explore the senses.  I love them so much that building is for sale and I would love to buy it just as it is to make a very quirky  office block (we are currently based next door). 

Sonics of Toren, Gilded Balloon, Teviot House, Bristo Square
Absolutely fantastic acrobatic show.  Futuristic costumes, dream scape, great imagination, I couldn’t put my camera down, every moment was a wow one.
The lovely cast were outside, very humbly taking the compliments everyone leaving gave.

The Coin Operated Girl, Liquid Rooms Annex, enter through the Cowgate
One lovely lady talking about her life, working in the oldest trade in our world,  as a prostitute.  Yes that right. 
Absolutely hilarious.  You can imagine she would have some great stories, which she has and she delivers them in a well timed, funny manor.
She does also get in a couple of important, more serious, messages worth listening to.  Prior to finishing up with the Top Ten Things Men Ask For…
Go see, it’s free, but of course she deserves every penny you can donate at the end, for a top show.

One man, one guitar and a huge variety of impersonations.   A lot of humour, with some obligatory politics thrown in. 
Get there early for a seat.  It was so popular the room was packed and we sat on the edge of the stage.
Donate for this free show also! 

A friend suggested this one to me, knowing the artist.   I knew nothing about it and had already committed when I discovered it Tina C is a Country singer.. eeek, the only music I hate.   However, I have to say, I was soon turned! 
Tina C is extremely intelligent, she sings very well, using her own lyrics which are witty, humorous and sometimes political.  She also has great dress sense and sparkles on the stage.
After all,  Scotland is being ran by the Fish people.. Sturgeon and Salmon…
The one hour went extremely fast and I love it!
BARBU Electro Trad Cabaret, Underbelly’s Circus Hub, Meadows
Another acrobatic show, but with a different slant.  I hope the male part of the cast don’t mind my saying, but they proved you can do acrobatics with an average shaped body. 
These bearded Canadians  (French Canadians I believe), did a range of acrobatics with some great graphics and music in the background.  The DJ sat above them seemed to have modelled himself on Jonny Dep in Pirates of the Caribbean,  very well.
In contrast to the men, the two ladies in cast looked exceedingly fit!
From roller skating, to human towers, somersaults and nakedness, this show has it all.
BBC, Gary The Tank Driver
This one, I don’t think you can go to, being a one off interview with the main actor and one of the actresses from this TV show.  I don’t have a TV so didnt know the programme or what to expect.  However, found the interview very entertaining, interesting and fun.  I would also recommend hanging out in the BBC Gardens if you are looking for somewhere peaceful to chill and the sun comes out again before the end of the Festival.  
Having such a good time and don’t want the evening to end?  Then head to Fingers Piano Bar.  Fingers is an Edinburgh Institution.  Its a very down to earth, basic Piano bar.  It is packed to the brim in August, so be prepared to Queue and be squashed a little when in side.  Dont worry though, it is very well ran and you very rarely see any trouble in there.  Most people who go are in a good humour ready for a good sing song and dance.  Much loved local band, Bleeker are playing at 2am, once the Pianist finishes. 
Whatever you do, do go out and enjoy the Festival.  Take in the atmosphere, visit the pop up bars and people watch.