5 Tips for a Faster International Job Move – Guest Writer

Manoeuvring Through a Global Market

The international job market can be a tricky transition when you factor in moving to a new location, learning a new job, and submerging yourself in a new culture; but it is not as stressful as feeling like you are consistently striking out on job opportunities. When exploring the global market you sometimes do not have the luxury of being in the same time zone or maybe even speaking the same language, but the payoffs towards your career and salary make it a valuable endeavour. The methods listed below are critical, but attainable, for those looking to advance their careers internationally!

Make Every Interaction Count

Most do not consider how every interaction surrounding the hiring process can make or break a candidate. If you were to send an email to someone in the Human Resources department with your application materials, but allowed poor grammar in your correspondence, then you have already created a poor first impression. The same idea goes for speaking on the phone or your appearances through video calls. Try smiling while speaking on the phone with the hiring manager, even if you call to just inquire about the position. You may feel silly while smiling when you are not speaking face-to-face with the individual, but it is proven to improve your tone while on the phone. Even if you are not actively partaking in your formal interview, every interaction with personnel from the company you are applying to needs to be at the top of your professionalism capabilities.


Submit a Well-Equipped Resume

 You must have a top-notch application packet if you will be applying for international transfer opportunities. Global hiring is not only competitive for the work and life experiences, but also because these positions are open to a larger demographic across the world. With that being said, this is why you not only have to develop a solid resume, but one that is also compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Applicant Tracking Systems aid these companies in sorting through applications and resumes by showcasing the resumes that meet the requirements outlined by the employer, typically by matching up key words. These key words and tracking systems are why using an ATS resume template is extremely beneficial in ensuring your resume is picked up by the hiring manager.


Having a Successful Interview

Successful interviews are achieved by those who are properly prepared. The ways to prepare for a job interview are fortunately accessible to everyone with little effort, and will go a long way in making a great first impression. Try to show that you have interest in the company by reviewing their website and services, and incorporate that information into some of your interview responses. You will also want to make sure you have responses ready to advocate for your abilities and show your personality, because those will make lasting impressions on the interviewer.


More than likely when interviewing for an international position you will be interacting through video chat functionalities, and it will be important to ensure your dress is appropriate for the setting. Do not fall for the trap that you can put forth less effort during virtual interactions. Even through video calls, hiring managers will be able to detect the level of effort you put into your clothing and overall appearance. Ensure that you spot check your clothing for harsh wrinkles and dirt or food, because these small blemishes will be noticeable on screen. You always want to ensure you put your best foot forward for these interactions that play a determining factor in your potential hire!


Professional Development

When you are looking for an international career opportunity, obtaining professional development will bring you closer to success in this job market. Professional development can come from training seminars, certifications, internships, projects and volunteer work in the field you are looking to pursue. Obtaining additional education is sometimes necessary for specific positions you may be considering. When looking for these unique experiences nothing is off the table! Try viewing these methods as opportunities to provide avenues for you to build your work experience and resume, which makes you more marketable to companies.


Take the Guesswork Out of the Equation

Having an accredited advocate, such as an international recruitment agency, will go a long way when reaching across borders for job opportunities. Often, these companies have an added awareness of job opening, instead of just the few websites you would be able to locate yourself. International career specialists can provide guidance on all aspects of your application, including your resume and which positions you should pursue. Applicants backed by these types of services help employers feel more confident about the hiring decision because they know the applicant has received professional services to set them up for success.



The key to international hiring is to not give up, and to not apply for every position that opens up. Ensure every time you apply for a position, that it is something you genuinely desire and are qualified to do. The last thing you wish to do is play out a negative experience within the country you wish to expand your career. Every positive experience is another tool you can use to advance your career.


Confidence to pursue this job market will lie with gaining knowledge and seeking help from the right sources, some of which are listed in this article. Little advances will add up to make a large impact on your journey to advancement in a global job market.


Guest Writer – Wendy, Writer, www.contentcampfire.com